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Friday, June 14, 2013

Busy as a Bee

Sorry for the long absence again, since I've been simultaneously busy and lazy haha. Starting from July onwards, I'll be embracing a new life as a college student studying for his A-levels. Everything will be a new experience for me; a new living space in the dormitory, new friends, new knowledge to gain, etc. I'll be busy packing stuff and getting ready for college soon, and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blog in college again. Hopefully this isn't the end of it haha.

But the bees have been far busier than I am (and far more consistent too). They are great to have around as they pollinate my plants, ensuring the production of fruits and seeds in my plants.

Water lilies (Nymphaea sp.) are bee magnets. They never fail to capture the attention of these busy bees. This black bee appears to be a stingless bee, perhaps Heterotrigona itama, as IDed by a beekeeper friend.

This bee appears to be of the Ceratina genus, often known as the Small Carpenter Bee. It has nice yellow markings on its face.

2 bees using the same flower as a source of nectar. I'll never run out of water lily seeds as long as the bees keep visiting.

My Damask rose is also pretty attractive to the bees, and to me as well. The bees hover from one fragrant flower to another, collecting sweet nectar and pollen. However, I'm not sure of this bee species though.