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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finite Time

It seems as though January was just yesterday, and yet October has arrived so quickly, it's shocking. And now I'm left with less than 30 days to revise and remember the tons of facts that I've learnt for 2 years. I admit that I'll probably have to allocate a large fraction of my free time to studying and revising, so I won't be able to blog often until my exams are over at the end of November. To all my readers and fellow bloggers, thanks for your support throughout this year, and I hope to be able to continue blogging as soon as possible. This is probably going to be my last post until then.

Here are some pictures to share.

My Orange Jessamine (Murraya paniculata) tree is in bloom right now, probably triggered by the rain spell not too long ago. It fills the night with a lovely fragrance, and unsurprisingly I find moths seeking nectar in the flowers.

This particular dendrobium is a favourite of mine. I just find the veins and colour of the flower to be captivating. 

My hoya carnosa never stops producing new blossoms. The tiny star-shaped flowers look so artificial but cute. The fact that it's a fast grower is certainly a bonus.

These 2 slow-growing carnivores are finally looking established since their rate of growth have gradually increased. I'm happy that my heliamphora has survived for so long since they are disgustingly finicky and have a bad reputation as hard to grow. My nepenthes lowii x campanulata (a hybrid between a difficult lowlander and also a difficult highlander) is growing larger pitchers now. I wonder how long it will take before it reaches its full potential.

Until next time!


  1. Murraya paniculata is a lovely fragrant bush. I have a few bushes too. Yours are healthy and flowering nicely. I envy your green fingers with hoya and pitcher plants, both of which I do not have much luck with.

  2. Lovely blooms, Aaron. Happy studying, rest well and GOOD LUCK in your coming exams!

  3. Just Beautiful.
    I totally agree with you how time flies.
    Good Luck in your studies.