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Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm back after yet another period of inactivity. Finally, my SPM trial examinations are over, though I will still have to prepare for the real deal. Judging from my rather lackluster results, I guess I still have much to study if I hope to score with flying colours. I just hope I don't suffer from a week of indigestion, stomachaches and nausea like during the trials when I sit for the real examination haha (seriously though, really bad time to be ill). 45 days left to revise before the knowledge I've gained since 2011 will be put to test.

Also, I'm happy to say that I have passed my piano examinations. Not really outstanding, but still my days and nights of practising until my fingers hurt paid off.

Anyway, here are some random photos of my garden plants.

My carnivorous plants are doing quite well. My sarracenia has finally blossomed. Maybe it thinks that it's spring due to the rather cool weather not long ago.

Until next time!


  1. Your sarracenia is the loveliest! The red bloom is outstanding. Hope it will get pollinated soon so seed will grow ;-) My sundew grown from one of the seeds from your garden... so far, I didn't notice any flower has seeded yet... I hope you will have a relaxed preparation before exam and pass with flying colours. Best wishes.

  2. Your plants are looking great. Still in awe of your owl that you found on the last post. All the work and exams will pay off, but they can be never ending. Find time to have fun. Have a good weekend.

  3. Like what Chris said, you should find time to have fun, you are still young there are more serious days ahead. Don't rush things up! I've seen the carnivorous plants before in your old posts, but find the hoya only now. It is so beautiful with lots of big blooms near the base. I love to have that. Do you know what hoya that is?

  4. Your hoya is really pretty and looking so quaint. My pitcher plants have gone on a strike, refusing to bloom at all. I'm truly envious of yours. Its good that you are up to your neck in exams and can still find time to blog. Best of luck to you in your exams.

  5. @Stephanie

    Thanks! Not much pollinators here though, and Sarra seeds are a pain to germinate anyway haha.


    Thanks. Yah, the owl was a surprising find. I'm looking forward to meeting it again haha.


    Thanks too! The hoya is Hoya carnosa. I have another one currently not in bloom, Hoya pubicalyx.


    Thanks. Carnivorous plants are all difficult to flower (with the exception of some sundews and bladderworts), but the traps are usually the main focus anyway.

  6. Your garden plants often amaze me.
    They are just too beautiful to ignore especially the Hoya & the orchids.
    They are truly exotic.