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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Finally, I'm back again after a month of inactivity. I feel as if a great burden had been lifted from my chest, as my art project, piano exam and school exam are history now. However, I can't celebrate so soon as this period of rest is transient and I have to prepare for my trial exams for the SPM (a major exam from November to December) during this calm before the storm. I guess I have to make the most of my time to revise a whooping 10 subjects in the following weeks. I hope my absence hasn't made you all lose interest in my blog, as I still hope to continue and interchange knowledge and experience with all of my fellow bloggers.  I just want to say thank you to my consistent readers and fellow bloggers for putting up with my intervals of absence.

But enough talk, here are just some pictures to share.

Some of the carnivores growing in my garden. 

Assorted flowers currently blooming in the garden. 

My rabbit looking rather confused at the camera.


  1. I love your rabbit. Cute little fuzzball. Your plants look great. In my mind, as a teacher, I always tell my students that their studies come first along with their house chores(if they have any), then the hobbies and then after that anything extra. You have to maintain your garden so the blogging takes a seat and that's okay. Most of us will still be here:) But it's great to hear from you and glad you have gotten rid of some stress. That's always good.

  2. Don't worry, Aaron. We will still be admiring your garden while you are busy with studies. Your flowers and plants are doing okay. Lovely blooms and healthy growth. I am with Rohrerbot for the advice on studies. The garden is there to help you de-stress. It is Mother's way to calm and relax our mind and soul.

  3. I admire your air-plant
    Its beautifully blooming.

  4. Wonderful tilandsias and I love that white hibiscus wuth the red centre. I love your rabbit. Best of luck in your exams.

  5. Hello Aaron, take your time, you are still young. This blogging business is mostly for the older ones, hahaha! Don't worry about us, i for one always know you have the best carnivors of all bloggers. But your plants look so wonderful despite your being busy, especially your carnivors, oh how i wish to have some of them. The Venus fly trap is very beautiful and looking very healthy.

  6. @Rohrerbot

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that stressful period is over, even if it's momentarily.

    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks. Yah, I do take a stroll in my garden to relax and destress sometimes.

    @James Missier

    Thanks. It's a pity they bloom so seldom though.


    Thanks too.


    Thanks! Carnivores are hard work, but it really pays off.

  7. Hi Aaron,

    I'm a beginner at my tillandsia hobby n I was wondering where do you source your beautiful plants from ;)


  8. The owl in your latest/newer post is just as cute as this little rabbit ;-D