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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ascending Numbers

This month is going to be a very busy ordeal for me. Honestly, I've never been so stressed up in my laid-back lifestyle. Piano exams, school exams and my art project's deadline are all happening this month, so I'll have to really manage my time properly. In any case, I'll try to find some time to tend my garden and blog about it.

Like I have mentioned in my previous post, "Collectibles", I have a few collections of various plants, such as orchids, tillandsias, carnivores and the like. I've just added a few numbers to my current collections yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting to add more plants to my collections until my final exams have ended (which is in December). Passing by a nursery in Kluang, Johor, my mom decided to stop and take a look. Who would have known that I'll get more plants, considering the fact that my mom has put a stop to my collecting spree until my exams have passed.

Since my mom loves orchids, my collection has been growing rapidly. She's handpicked a few orchids in that nursery, such a the yellow cattleya and the dendrobiums. The cattleya has a wonderful fragrance.

Another Madagascar Periwinkle has been added to my minuscule collection. The pure white compliments the luscious pink ones. I love how free-flowering they are, never without blossoms and so hardy to boot.

And a new nepenthes enters my collection. This is N. rafflesiana, a hardy but beautiful specimen among my other CPs.

And now something else. I've been told this is Centella asiatica or Pennywort. Locally known as pegaga. It's growing like a weed across my lawn, but I just leave it there since it's a cute and useful herb.

Until next time.


  1. The yellow cattleya is gorgeous. Your latest pitcher plant is of the same species as mine. I think what you have is not the edible pegaga but similiar to it (need verification. The leaves of those served as ulam is not completely circular, but has an indentation where the stalk joins the leaf. I have this plant too.

  2. Thanks! Hope your nepenthes gets better. I'm not familiar with herbs and the like, so I'm not sure of it. Somebody just told me that this is pegaga. My rabbit enjoys eating them though.

  3. Hi Aaron, school first before garden, hehe! Your lawn seem to be very fertile as those Centella are so green. But i really adore your Nepenthes.

  4. Hey that's some weed!!! Pretty nice. I'd let it grow there as well. I like the round shapes. Beautiful plants and all I have to Aaron is that "Mother knows best." LOL:) So let me get this right, she buys the plants, and you take care of them? That's a quite a deal!:) They are lovely. It will pass. Just schedule it all out right now and it will pass. Good luck to you! And enjoy your new additions:)

  5. I love the colours of the periwinkles! You are right I can see how those red, pink and white works together. And your orchids, they are marvellous. And they can really last very long. You are going to have a wonderful garden to make you smile for some time. Just go to the garden whenever you are stressed out ;-)

  6. You do have a vast collection of plants now but you have kept the space neat and tidy. I have a pegaga plant that looks like yours but I have a feeling it is not the pegaga they use for ulam which should have a centre parting like what Stilleto says.

  7. I used to have this pegaga and had consumed them.
    Its a little stronger compared to the milder ones.
    Not very sure whether its known as Umbrella Pennyworth.
    I had seen those sold in nurseries as herb too.

  8. In order to get greatly grown plants and other flowers, we must have to maintain its freshness through applying organic weed killer for the ones that can ruin your garden overnight.