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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dripping Wet

My roof garden, being my pride and joy, has become a place for me to relax daily in the evening, particularly after a hectic and stressful day. The sight of lush and verdant plants, abundant in colourful blossoms and dense foliage is a wonderful remedy for a mild headache resulting from long hours of homework or computers. At least that works for me! That's why I find it a matter of utmost importance to always keep the roof garden moist and well-watered. I find that humidity is an important factor in growing many exotic plants, especially orchids, tillandsia and carnivorous flora. Therefore, I regularly mist my plants, and drench the whole garden while watering the plants, to keep the humidity levels high.

Carnivores are lovers of moisture and humidity. Keeping them in constant humidity (in fact, 100% humidity is optimum to lots of species) is a key factor in making the thrive. Nepenthes sp.(Tropical Pitcher Plants) are divided into 3 categories, the lowlanders, intermediates and highlanders. Some highlanders can actually thrive with enough humidity in the lowlands, though temperature still affects them. Same goes for heliamphora (Marsh Pitcher Plants), who are one of the finickiest plants I have ever grown. Temperate CPs (Carnivorous Plants for short) such as Sarracenia and Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytraps) also enjoy high humidity coupled with bright sun.

I've decided to start and hopefully maintain a collection of orchids. Now that my dad can't limit my freedom in buying whatever plant I like, and with the support of my mom, who loves orchids, I can happily enjoy growing the orchids I have longed for. So far, I have assorted vanda and dendrobium orchids, as well as arundina (Grass Orchid), brassia rex, gongora claviodora, bulbophyllum lepidum and a cattleya hybrid. Hopefully it's include more species soon as I love variance in collections.

Two of my bulbous plants have finally flowered after such a long period of normal foliage growth, albeit very fast. Perhaps the fact that I kinda neglected them catalysed their rate of flower production? The foliage died back to the bulb, and now they are flowering nicely. Bulbs need such abuse before they decide to bloom.

More assorted blossoms after a nice watering and misting. The white hibiscus is the most vigorous hibiscus I have, constantly flowering even when my pink, yellow and red hibiscus are resting. The cleome is growing and seeding like a weed. It's certainly a weed I enjoy having in my garden though. The Madagascar periwinkle is also another fast grower, and free-flowering to boot. 

Now with an abundance of flowers, I think I may need more colourful foliage to balance them out haha. Until next time!


  1. You have wonderful plants! Orchids are beautiful plants. I am sure you will have lots of fun collecting and maintaining them. With bulbous plants, I always wanted to intentionally 'abuse' mine to flower but always end up watering them. again and again... sigh... Yours are gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Yah, orchids are such marvelous jewels of the plant kingdom, with more species than the whole mammal section of the animal kingdom! I tend to end up caring for those stubborn bulbs too, but it seems that I did neglected them sufficiently, as the leaves all died back haha.

  3. Great to note that you have your own private garden to tend and your mum assisting you.

    And really enjoy to see all the beautiful orchids in your collection.
    See if you can mount them up for faster easy drainage as the roots are sensitive - too much moisture can cause them root rot.

  4. Those Orchids are just stunning. It's a fabulous little collection. I also love that white Hibiscus. It's great to see you have your own little gardening space up there on the roof.

  5. Woops, I forgot to mention in my last comment that I've nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger' Award. I do so hope it brings a few more readers to your great blog.

  6. @James Missier

    Thanks! Never mind, the place drains quite quickly.

    @Bernie H

    Thanks too! I hope my little collection grows into a big one haha. Thanks for the nomination too! I really appreciate it.

  7. Now you already have an impressive collection of flowering plants. The orchids are gorgeous and the best part is that they are flowering together.

  8. @Autumn Belle

    Thanks! Orchids certainly look great when grouped together.

  9. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out in my latest post. You have a great day!