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Monday, June 25, 2012


Every gardener and plant enthusiasts will understand the pride and joy of maintaining a large, lush and beautiful collection of flora, be they common or rare, exotic or mundane, expensive or affordable. Virtually any plant can be a collectible, determined by how the grower groups them together. A magnificent collection of verdant specimens is surely a dream of plant collectors and a sight for sore eyes.

Well, personally I love collecting any species of plants I find attractive. I have a small, unimpressive collection of tillandsia species (air plants) which I have no plans to expand. 

Then, there's my new collection of orchids. In addition to the usual dendrobiums and vandas, I've added a couple of unique species, including brassia rex, gongora claviodora and bulbophyllum lepidum. I hope to get more additions to my modest collection in the near future.

But my main and largest collection of plants are carnivores, which I have started collecting since 4 years ago. It's been my family's pride and joy, and they enjoy showing my collection to guests. Unfortunately, my carnivores suffered a great decline during my neglectful and busy period throughout last year. Now that I have my own section of my house allocated for my gardening activities, and my more efficient schedule, I'm restarting this collection. Hopefully it'll go back to it's former glory.

So, what collections do all of you have or hope to have?


  1. i see that you have an impressive collectin of Pitcher plants and must have substantial experience in handling them. I have a 6-year old pitcher plant. For the last two years it refuses to put forth pitchers. So, how do you get them to do it? I've tried repotting and fertilising it but to no avail.

  2. What you have been doing is counterproductive for pitcher plants and all carnivorous plants in general. They require nutrient-deficient soil (like sphagnum and peat moss, burnt clay and for some species, limestone). Do not fertilise any species of carnivorous plants because conventional fertilisers burn their sensitive roots. Many species of carnivores will die if you fertilise them and grow them in normal garden soil, though pitcher plants usually just grow normal, pitcher-less leaves and lack vigor. Good luck in getting them to pitcher (it may take a while though)

  3. Aaron, your knowledge on pitcher plants has gone deep, congratulations! We have not added pitcher plants in our little garden, Orchids yes.

  4. I love your tillandsias! And of course the carnivorous plants are fun! Orchids are beautiful but take too much work here in the desert. I agree with you about collections. I would collect them all but I can't. I collect tropicals for my shady area and lots and lots of cool cacti for my side window. Any cactus I find over the years, I collect and put in a pot. They are some of my favorite things to have around....there are so many interesting varieties. Hope you get your carnivourous plants back into better health. I find that our gardens are a reflection of our lives. When things get out of balance, so does the garden:)

  5. Aaron, I love carnivorous plants as well. They are super cool, doesn't take up space and not that fussy at all. This is the type of plants that I will most likely want to collect. Btw, both orchids and carnivorous plants are precious and also pricey, hence, good for collecting slowly slowly ;-)

  6. Aaron, your collection of pitcher plants is impressive, and your knowledge is deep, as Bangchik says. Good luck with your garden and studies!

  7. That is quite a good considerable collection of air plants you got there & it is remarkable impressive.
    I think I will follow up on the air plants & orchids collection for my garden.

  8. Hi, Aaron. I must say I was brokenhearted when I tried to grow a pitcher plant I bought several months ago...You write so well and I'm impressed how well-versed you are in the plants in your garden. Your pitcher plants look so healthy!

  9. @Bangchik and Kakdah

    Thanks! I learn about my plants mostly through trial and error.


    Thanks too! I have a small cactus collection too, but it's nothing special. Yah, gardens do reflect our lifes.


    Carnivores are fun and beautiful, as are orchids, but they do are pricey. If only things were cheaper...



    @James Missier

    Thanks. Good luck with your collections!


    Thanks too. Try to research plants before growing them, cause you'll never know whether you're growing it totally wrong until it's too late. Carnivores are particularly selective and finicky about chemicals, minerals and a whole lot of other factors.

  10. Congratulations!

    I am also a collector, with over one hundred species in the Caribbean, not from nurseries except five percent of the total.

    Excellent post. Good luck in your projects. Here a couple of links for your spare time:

  11. Thanks. I'll check the links out when I have the time.

    1. You surely be busy at all times, being a teenager!

  12. I am looking forward to your posts about these plants.