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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Been A Long Time...

Can't believe it's been more than 2 months since I last blogged. I'm sorry that I can't stay active consistently as my never-ending schoolwork and piano lessons take up a good deal of my valuable time. Not sure if anyone cares about my blog anymore, but I hope to reestablish my blog as an active gardening blog for gardening enthusiasts to enjoy and share experiences. especially regarding tropical and carnivorous flora. Nevertheless, I'll try my best to return to my active days of 2010 when I was still a happy-go-lucky, worry-free lad with great interest in all matters of flora, no matter locally or internationally. I hope I get to share and receive knowledge and experiences in horticulture with my fellow bloggers once more.

Anyway, while I neglected blogging again, I still took care of my garden. Can't afford to lose anymore valuable and exotic plants. Nowadays, I mainly focus on my backyard and roof garden where I get to enjoy the freedom of growing any plant I like, instead of following my dad's preferences for formality and foliage plants. Here are some photos of the roof garden, where I get to grow things, design and arrange as I please.

I've also gotten some orchids to brighten up the rather dull garden. Those currently in bloom included Dendrobiums, Vanda and Cattleya.

Plenty of other flowers are also growing well up here. Must be the humidity at night. Things do get pretty hot during the afternoon though.

The roses are thriving and budding vigorously. They have pricked me a lot while I was rearranging the roof garden though.

Madagascar periwinkles are healthier than ever, soaking up the sunlight and water on top of the shelves.

This was a pleasant surprise when it finally bloomed. It was a weed than randomly popped out of my hibiscus' pot, but I kept it because the leaves were attractive. Then it surprised me when it grew flowers far too beautiful for that of a common weed. Finally found out that it was Cleome species after searching online.

The carnivorous plants are also thriving nicely here, as they enjoy lots of sunlight and humidity.

My minibog is getting overrun by all those carnivorous plants growing out of control. But I just can't get myself to cut off those perfectly healthy leaves.

The Sarracenia plants are shockingly fast growers when given enough sunlight. They catch tons of ants and other insects daily, so that may explain the fast growth.

My utricularia (bladderwort) has finally flowered, with 2 developed flower spikes to boot! They are tiny, but cute and lovely.

Until next time! (that is, if nothing else distracts me again)