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Thursday, March 1, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

The first exam of the first semester is about to start, so I have to start studying now. Hopefully it will be over in a flash so that I can concentrate on my piano lessons, art project and most of all, gardening and blogging.

 On a side note, the rainstorms have been increasingly harsh and thunderous. Luckily my plants are still thriving, except my little butterwort that got splashed too much. Here are some after-rain photos.

The carnivorous plants are enjoying the constant showers, though I'm worried about the rain triggering the flytrap's traps (such a waste of plant energy).

The flowering plants are growing robust and flourishing, especially the constantly flowering hibiscus.

More random plants drenched in rain drops.

But my Aristolochia deserves special mention, as it has finally produced blooms for me after almost a year. Still waiting for a chance to smell it.


  1. Hi Bro,
    got to know your blog from my friend. How do you grow the flytrap plant? Interesting plant to me

  2. The flytrap is actually easy to grow. You just need to provide it with as much light as you can, preferably full sun. They require water free from chemicals and minerals. So far my house's tap water is okay, without too much dissolved substances in it. Also, never ever fertilise these plants as the roots will burn and it will die. Do not trigger the traps too much because it will exhaust the plant. You can feed it something smaller than the trap once a week.

  3. Where do you get the plant from? I try to find at my area (Klang) but unfortunately none of the nursery I've visited has it. What is the selling price for this plant basically?

  4. You can buy them from some members of a carnivorous plants forum. Here's the forum:
    You can buy some from this member phangst,
    The price depends on variety, but I think the typical cheapest one is about RM15-20