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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Garden Behind

Though I have quite a large garden, my dad does not give me the freedom to landscape and plant stuff as I want to. He prefers foliage plants and a formal look, while I prefer flowers and a natural look. Fortunately, I have the 'balcony' (really an extension with a flat roof) at the back of my house to grow plants as I like. Here are some photos of it. I still don't have much time to weed and rearrange stuff so it looks kinda messy hehe.

Most of my carnivorous plants, including my minibog is located there. There's plenty of sunlight for these sun-loving plants for photosynthesis.

My attempts at growing vegetables organically. This is pak choy.

More random plants.


  1. Wow..
    You still manage to create a beautiful garden even in a balcony.
    And all the plants look so healthy.

  2. it's cute to see vegetables in pot among the so many flowering and carnivorous plants.