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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Carnivores Galore

I've been quite busy again these few weeks with school, so I was unable to blog. My education do have to come first after all. Fortunately, I was able to clear up most of my work so I finally have some time to update my rather inconsistent blog. I appreciate your views and comments a lot.

It's been scorching hot these few days, so I had to water my plants daily instead of the regular 2 days interval. My plants can go from fresh to wilting by midday, though they recover rather rapidly after a generous spraying with the garden hose. Carnivorous plants generally enjoy bright sunlight so the weather have been quite conducive for their growth, though they require constantly wet environment as they hate getting dried out. That means extra work and care on my part, though when it's rewarding when I see them thrive.

My minibog has been growing nicely and rather vigorously, relative to the general rate of growth for carnivorous plants. The drosera and nepenthes are the most vigorous plants, in comparison with the other carnivores (pinguicula, dionaea, sarracenia, utricularia). Here are some pictures to share.

A plugged-up pot filled with more carnivorous plants and water.

One of hardiest, though a bit slow, nepenthes hybrids ever, N. x dyeriana growing beautifully in my backyard.

Introducing a rare jewel into my collection, a heliamphora (Marsh Pitcher Plant) together with some sarracenias. Though it has a reputation of being one of the most difficult pitcher plant species (second only to Darlingtonia and Ultra-highland nepenthes), I have hope that it will survive here since a few people has got it to grow in lowland conditions. Do ignore the messy background; I still don't have time to rearrange and weed things out.


  1. Fantastic collection of carnies!

    Gaz: Alternative eden

  2. Your carnivorous plants are so lush. I've given up on them. Over the years my pitchers got smaller and smaller. Now they have not bloom for ages. Anyway all these talk about chomping plants makes me hungry :D

  3. I envy your carnivores Aaron. I think those hybrids are very expensive here, although we have some endemic pitchers also. I love also the venus fly trap. I am not familiar about their names though. Is that planter watered at the bottom so your small planters on it will not dry up? Is that your secret for having very healthy plants?

  4. Thanks everyone!


    Thanks. Most carnivores love constantly wet conditions, so the water tray is an effective method to maintain a steady amount of water for them. (marsh and tropical pitcher plants as well as a few others are the exception. They get root rot when soaked too long in water) Though with frequent watering, you don't need that method for them to thrive.

  5. this amazing and wonderful.. where u got all this..