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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Appetites

Sorry for not updating for quite some time. It's been an incredibly busy and stressful month for me, and I don't think this hectic period is going to end so quickly. Anyway, I may still update my blog periodically if I have the time since education has to be my highest priority right now. My garden is doing quite fine now, because of the constant rain so I do not have to worry about watering them when I'm busy.

Here are some photos of my carnivorous mini-bog after the heavy downpour just now.


  1. I know how it gets. Sometimes you have to stick to the grind and get things done. I think you are one of the few in blogosphere to feature carnivorous plants. Very cool shots and they look very healthy. I think they are really cool and I'd love to grow them here but it's a bit tricky...nice to other people's success with them. Take a breather every once and awhile. Life has a habit of moving by rather quickly and we miss out on the little things:) Take care.

  2. Hey these guys have grown bigger! The different shapes and sizes of the plants make this little bog really interesting. Also, I am glad to see the sarras still 'standing' after the heavy down pour. Awesome!

  3. @Rohrerbot

    Yah, things can get real hectic sometimes. Thanks for the kind words. Carnivores has and will always be my passion. There are carnivorous plants suited for every climate, so you should try some of the more hardy or native ones.


    Thanks!! Yah, I like the various shapes, sizes and colour of the plants. The sarras are really hardy and strong, so some downpour won't crush it.