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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back To My Roots

Way back in 2009, I started blogging after my ICT teacher instructed us to create a blog. Back then, growing carnivorous plants was my passion and focus and therefore my blog was all about them. Looking back now, who'd knew how my life would have turned out. I branched out into growing more varieties of plants, instead of just carnivorous plants. Flowering vines, hibiscus, roses, and bulbs. Then came my period of neglect as I was caught up in my busy school life. My garden suffered as a result and my carnivorous plants collection dwindled. However, now I'm feeling nostalgic and want to grow these unique plants again.

This is my latest nepenthes, N. x dyeriana

I've also created a mini-bog to accommodate the new plants I've ordered and here's the result:



  1. Your mini bog is very attractive Aaron. And the plants look happy living together this way. Hmm... wonder if they will share or fight their food hehe...

  2. Thanks! There's plenty of food here for them so they won't fight.

  3. Hi Aaron, i am glad you can still have some time to make some posts and comments. And you are really so good in your garden that even if not attending it sometimes they are still there, giving you and us some warmth. Do you know that i appreciate you as a young man because of your garden and diligence in school! And those collections posted here are awesome, i cannot forget your success in carnivorous plants because i love them but haven't really started collecting. God bless Aaron and take care.

  4. Thanks a lot, Andrea! You motivate me to continue to work harder in my life. Thanks for the kind words! You should try growing carnivores some day.

  5. Hi Aaron, beautiful shots of your beautiful carnivorous plants. They look healthy and happy.