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Friday, November 18, 2011

End of School

Now that school has ended, I'll have plenty of free time for my various hobbies. Though I'll have to double my efforts next year for a major examination. For now, here are some random photos as celebration.

A four-petaled Madagascar Periwinkle

A bloom from the flourishing adenium bush.

An inflorescence from the common heliconia.

A peek into the center of a Bird's Nest Fern

A pitcher from Nepenthes albomarginata hanging in the air.


  1. Yippeee! Isn't that nice? Great captures. I guess you'll be playing computer games...

  2. Yah, great to finally have lots of free time. I'll be balancing all my hobbies though.

  3. Aaron, I like that periwinkle a lot. My white one lasted really long. I wish I can have more of this plant but as you know I have limited space. Nice photos btw. I am sure all your hobby friends missed you a lot. Have a good break!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. I think you can fit one more plant into your garden haha.

  5. Hi Aaron happy vacation, take your time while you are still young. But your plants missed you.

  6. Thabks Andrea! Yah, I'm worried about my plants when I go on vacation later.

  7. periwinkle is sweet..., a touch of innocence

  8. I guess you are going to be all outdoors gardening now and busy attending all your lovely plants.
    All the best - and I'm very sure you are full of joy and fun tending your garden with lots of pictures and story to write in your blog.

  9. Some of my vinca plants are behaving like perennials now. Nov/Dec is the most enjoyable time for a school kid? It is wise of you to be able to balance between books and hobbies and games. Happy holidays! Hope to hear more from your garden.