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Friday, November 18, 2011

End of School

Now that school has ended, I'll have plenty of free time for my various hobbies. Though I'll have to double my efforts next year for a major examination. For now, here are some random photos as celebration.

A four-petaled Madagascar Periwinkle

A bloom from the flourishing adenium bush.

An inflorescence from the common heliconia.

A peek into the center of a Bird's Nest Fern

A pitcher from Nepenthes albomarginata hanging in the air.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free Again

Now that the horrible sleepless nights of burning the midnight oil and last minute cramming of knowledge into my overloading brain, finally I get a whole lot of free time to compensate for. I can't say I'm too pleased with my average results in the test though, especially Chemistry. Anyway, now that I'm free again, I can go back to all my hobbies, including gardening and blogging! Here are some recent blooms to celebrate my new free time.

The heliconia surprised me with a bloom just after my exams were finished.

The ever-blooming adenium flourishing in my garden.

Flowers of a Nepenthes. One flower usually means it's time for reproduction, but 2-3 stalks means stress. Guess they still have not recovered from my neglectful period while I was busy.

But this pitcher is a hopeful sign that they'll grow back and recover gradually.

The robust pink hibiscus is starting to produce lots of buds.

These white anthuriums are the hardiest anthuriums in the garden.

This orchid, usually hidden behind the palm fronds, is a pleasant surprise every time it blooms.

And finally, the hardiest and easiest climber to grow in my garden, the mandevilla.