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Monday, October 10, 2011

So Little Time

My final examination is just around the corner and I'm anxious. I really need to pass with flying colours if I want to stay in the top classes. Cramming History, Chemistry, Biology and Physics into my brain is a pain that I must face though if I want to succeed. Anyway, I'm just sharing some plants in my garden. I won't be too active in the coming weeks again because there's too much knowledge I must squeeze into my brain (Did I mention that I have bad memory, oh well...)

The buds of my ixora plant, waiting to bloom in splendor.

The flowers of a nepenthes, proof that my nepenthes are currently under stress.

My multicoloured rose has finally decided to bloom again, with more fresh red shoots coming up.

Some fungi growing on the shelf where I placed my roses. The heavy rains must have been perfect for them.

The hardy, vigorous grass orchids never fails to flower.

These hardy angelonias are a constant bloomer in the garden.

The bud of my white hibiscus, the most vigorous hibiscus in my garden.

Surprisingly, the Venus Flytrap has been quite easy to care for although it's not native here. While the native Nepenthes are sulking and producing stress-induced flowers, the Venus Flytrap are growing at a rapid and encouraging rate.


  1. Interesting plants you have there!

    You sure your Nepenthes is sunder stress? Perhaps it just want to look beautiful too.

    All the best in your examinations.

  2. Thanks! Nepenthes rarely flowers unless stressed so they probably are.

  3. Love the rose. Nepenthes are beautiful. Good luck with the exams Aaron. Study hard and I bet you have a good memory.

  4. Chemistry and Physics were the two most painful subjects for me. Good luck in your exam!

    I like the ixora! I think when the buds all open, the flower is going to be really big and showy. The rest of your plants are looking good. You have a beautiful nepenthes and rose there. You can leave your garden for a while now :-D

  5. Thanks, Steph! Chemistry and Physics have way too many formulas and terms to memorise.

  6. God bless you in your exams. Did I told you before that my niece is also your age? She is going through what you are going through now, and also there are contests that need extra study. I know you will pass with flying colors, your're very good. And those plants are just there to cheer you up. I didn't know nor have seen a nepenthes flower. I hope you will be able to take photos when that buds open.

  7. Thanks, Andrea! Yes, you've mentioned about your niece before. Awww.....I'm really not that good. Thanks. I'll try to update you one the Nepenthes bloom.

  8. Ixora looks like it is ready to burst out in blooms to cheer you up. I like this rose colour and your little arundina is really very sweet. If you are too tensed up with all the studying and exams, do take a walk round the garden. It will be a good stress reliever. Good luck with your exams!