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Monday, September 12, 2011


Here are some of the many plants in my garden that got harmed from neglect as I was struggling with my schedule. Fortunately, they have been showing signs of recovery!

I had to cut back this whole brunfelsia (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) plant after it got attacked by scale insects. The plant had literally nothing else other than some fragile branches after I was done trimming it. Since then, it has sprung back to live and exceeded its previous growth, and filling the air with it's lovely fragrance.

All my hibiscus have declined in growth since I became too busy to tend them. They lost a lot of leaves and became a little stunted. However, they are showing signs of resurrection as this pink hibiscus decided to bloom after month without flowers.

Under the carpet of weeds, my African Football Lilies have sprung back from their dormant bulbs and have produced their first new leaves. It'll be quite some time before they bloom again. And I have massive weeding to do now.

After dying back into a sorry pile of dried branches and decaying leaves, my jasmine plant has decided to regrow rapidly. The buds are already forming.

The angelonia have sprung back to life too after looking dead for a month. It's already flowering too. And it's invaded another pot.

I still don't know what purple leaf this is, but it has regrown amazingly fast since it declined in growth. It was a gift from my grandmother.

Finally, this fussy plant have shown signs of recovery. I thought it was going to die after it got crushed by it's own pot after being toppled over by a strong wind. Fortunately, these green shoots from my Venus Flytrap is a hopeful sign.


  1. Your Venus flytrap is amazing! Love the sight of those green claws. And glad to see your plants revived. I am waiting for some of mine to re-grow and I hope they will look like yours soon. Have a great week ;-)

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! They are still growing slowly but steadily though. I hope yours flourish too.

  3. Hi Aaron, it's amazing how many of your plants survived or resurrected from neglect especially that venus fly trap. I hope you are coping well both in your studies and gardening, my niece is just as old as you but not interested in gardening. What happened to the other Nepenthes collection? Thank you very much for identifying my Eucrosia bicolor post, i have been looking everywhere till you came in. You certainly finished my quandary!

  4. @Andrea

    Thanks! I'm doing quite well now that most of my schoolwork is completed. My nepenthes are doing fine, albeit growing slowly and producing less pitchers. About 3-4 fussy nepenthes died though, but I'll see if they'll revive. Anyway, glad I was able to help identify it for you.

  5. Hi Aaron! the plant with purple leaves is Christia Vespertilionis...I had one before, but it died so fast that I never bothered to buy a new one. hehe! Your VFT is very interesting! brings me back to SuperMario days.

  6. I think the garden miss you. It is waiting for your magical touch. I had Christia vespertilionis but it only survived for a very short period in my garden due to infection at the nursery. I want to grow it again.