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Monday, September 19, 2011

Photography Practice

Now that I have enough decent-looking plants in my newly revived garden, I decided to have some fun practising my photography skills, especially macro and zooming. Here are the results.


  1. Lots of terrific shots here today, but I just loved the last with of the dragonfly. Great macro work.

  2. Wow! great shots! I fancy your photo with the lotus the most. The framing of your second photo is also nice(is that a tillandsia bloom?). Take care!

  3. Good job Aaron, your plants seem to be alive again, and your photos are nice. Now i can already see the Nepenthes, somehow i wish to collect them too.

  4. @Bernie

    Thanks a lot! The dragonfly was my first attempt at zooming.


    Thanks too! Yes, that is a tillandsia bloom.


    You've been so supportive of me, thanks! You should collect nepenthes (though start with easy hybrids first)

  5. Very good! The shot of the tilly is my favourite :-D Now I wonder why mine has not bloomed yet.

  6. Great shots, Aaron! I like all the photos. My favourite is the 4th one. Can't figure out what it is.

  7. Great photos Aaron. Pretty blooms. You have to tell me what they are. Great capture on the dragonfly.

  8. @Stephanie

    Thanks! Tillies are slow growers so they won't bloom frequently.


    Thanks! It's a lotus.


    Thanks too! They are the Madagascar periwinkle, tillandsia, tropical pitcher plant, lotus, hibiscus and angelonia.

  9. Your garden is revived now with beautiful blooms!

  10. @Toyin O.


    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks! Reviving it was a pain though..