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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Most of my plants, especially the high-maintenance flowering plants have suffered from neglect as I struggle to make ends meet. However, some plants are growing just fine without my attention and care.

The Tillandsias are doing just fine, and even flowering without my care.

The Little Bird Plants (Pedilanthus) are growing just fine too.

My favourites are still the mandevillas. They are still showy and robust even without me checking for pests or fertilising. Even when all other climbers (aristolochia and passiflora) have declined in growth, the mandevillas still flourish.


  1. hi Aaron, how are you? I am glad your plants are still looking healthy without attention. Take your time and enjoy life. By the way, you write well.

  2. Thanks Andrea! Not all plants are in good conditions though. Aw, really? I think I'm just an average writer haha.

  3. With your busy schedule, you plants are still doing well and they are blooming which is a good thing!