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Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography Contest

Finally, I've started to garden again after losing interest from frustration. Pests were swarming over my plants and just won't go away, and the plants were in bad condition. Fortunately, the pests started disappearing mysteriously, to my delight. And my garden condition improved overall. 

Recently, my school had a photography competition with a nature theme. Being bored, I just snap a few mediocre snapshots from my garden. It was a great surprise to know that I got first place since the photos aren't anything special.

Some of the photos:


  1. These photos are beautiful. You got them at unusual angles and I love them especially the first one. You must have bent low to take them, right?

    Congratulations for winning!

  2. Congratulations, Aaron! The photos are very good. I'd have given them high marks if I had been the judge too.

  3. @One

    Thanks! Yah, I did crouch to take them from different angles.


    Thanks too!

  4. wow Aaron, after being gone you're here again. Welcome back, and what a nice post as a starter. Congratulations, those are beautiful photos, you deserved to win. How are you?

  5. You look for lines, and artwork in plants, PERFECT! Tahniah.

  6. @Andrea

    Thanks! I'm fine now, though school is really tiresome.

    @Bangchik & Kakdah

    Thanks for the compliment!

  7. Nice! I am sure your pics are the best. Congrats!! I like all three pics posted here :-D

  8. Glad you are back in the gardens. The great thing about those plants is that they bounce back so quickly. Don't ya love that about plants. Great photos. Congratulations on the win.