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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thieves of Time

I've been procrastinating for almost a month, balancing work and leisure, and now there's an examination which is going to last for the whole month! I wish I was as free as last year!

I'll just take this time to share some of my plants, and I'm sorry I have been inactive for so long and for countless times!

Time flies so quickly, just like how this amaryllis faded before I've even seen it's bud!


  1. Hi Aaron, The thieves of time were here too.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms before they fade away.


  2. Hi Aaron, you're alive again here! haha. dont worry we will always be here waiting for your news, enjoy your youth and your happenings, and take your time! You will pass that exam with flying colors. Is that for entering college?

  3. Haha thanks Andrea! You are always so supportive! It's just the normal mid-year exams. I still have another year before college.

  4. Aaron I'm in love with the hibiscus. They are gorgeous. Hang in there - school will be over soon. I bet you are a good student and make good grades. Come back when you can - we understand.

  5. Aaron, its true I have been experience that for these few weeks to months. I guess we can start a club!
    Still you manage to take care of your garden.
    My advice: Do what is most important - concentrate on your studies.
    That is something you will never regret to do.

  6. @Becca

    Thanks! Hibiscus? Maybe you mistook the mandevillas for hibiscus.

    @James Missier

    Thanks too! Haha, a club? Yah, studying, so hard but so important.

  7. Good luck in your exams! The beautiful flowers in your garden will always be a welcome respite from the mundane aspects of daily life. Remember to enjoy your youth!

  8. @Becca


    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks too!!

  9. Good job on the flowers especially mandevilla. They are pretty flowers. My amaryllis also fades fast. Too hot here. Thanks for these updates from your garden.