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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blooms and Bunnies

Just playing with both my camera and my bunnies! Still trying to get the hang of the macro stuff on my camera. I tried taking photos of small blooms of sundews. Why don't you be the judge of my terrible photography.

Purple Passion Flower







Blooms of Drosera paradoxa

Blooms of D. tokaiensis

Mischievous bunnies.


  1. They are beautiful, Aaron. I like the cactus best.

    I find that if I bend down and focus on the eyes of the animals, they look better. Give it a try.

  2. I love your bunnies Aaron - so cute. I love your first photo. Beautiful blooms. Love the purple passion flower and the mandevilla. Hope you're having a good day.

  3. Hi Aaron, is it also your summer break now. My niece is 3rd yr HS and nephew 1st yr, they are vacation now. We miss you too, see all of us are here always commenting! It means you are dear to us! haha. BTW, you are asking us: you compose your photos well and you write well. Your photos just need some saturation, you can do that so easily. What is your new camera? Is it DSLR or Point and Shoot.

  4. hey bunny has a friend. Great! btw, the drosera seeds... none germinated yet ;-( But I didn't cover them. I just sow the seeds on wet spaghnum moss.

    Oh your calathea is beautiful :-D

  5. @One

    Thanks! Ok, will give it a try.


    Thanks too! Haha the bunnies are voracious!


    We don't have a summer break here, only semester breaks and public holidays. So tiresome.... Thanks anyway. My camera is a Canon Power Shot G12.


    Yah, a lazy friend. That's odd, they should germinate by now...

  6. I like your polka dotted cactus and the cute bunny couple.

  7. I love your first photograph the best - those calathea leaves are my favourites. I think they are your dads aswell!