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Monday, February 14, 2011

Testing My New Camera

Busy again, but this is the last week of sport's practice, so I'll have more free time then. I've just got a new camera from my wonderful mum for passing with flying colours in my examinations. I'm just testing it, though I don't have the skill like some of you do.

My pink, double-petaled anthurium

Yellow Hibiscus


Raffle's Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes rafflesiana 'Kuching Squat Red')

Some foliage

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Congratulations with your exams, hope you have fun with your new camera, I am looking to get a new on too, very excited.

  2. Congrats Aaron for passing exams with flying colours! Didn't know anthurium comes with double petal. But I like your double colour hibiscus more.

  3. Congrats Aaron for passing with flying colours! You seem to be doing extremely well with the new camera too! All the best!

  4. Congrats on both the exam and the new camera. No worry, u hv the skills too! :)

    And what a lovely new blog facelift... love the green background and cleaner look. Great work!

  5. Hi Aaron, i miss seeing your comments and your posts, but that's fine coz you have to prioritize your studies. Congratulations for high grades and for getting the reward from your Mom. You must really be a good son! Your photos are looking good too. There are collections of pitcher plants in the last horticulture exhibit here and i thought about you and your collections.

  6. One of my rosemallow withered. The plant dried up itself! Maybe it likes small/shallower pot. The one in a small pot (those small brown pots that nursery uses), still surviving but with a few leaves only. I love your pink double spathe anthurium! Congrats for good achievement in your exam :-D

  7. Pictures look alright, very presentable. Keep practicing with the camera, and of course keep up with your studies, you may get another new one who knows...

  8. Picture are perfect and beautiful.Congratulations for your you high grades and getting reward from your Mom.

  9. @lotusleaf

    Thanks a lot!


    Thanks. I'm happy that you like the layout!


    Thanks too. Yah, studying comes first.


    Maybe it's SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) lol. Thanks!


    Thanks. I need more practice with my camera.


    Thanks very much!

  10. Those are some great flowers and the photo captures are great. I am following you now, be sure to stop by mine.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  11. Aaron, your camera is doing a GREAT your photos! Congrats on your accomplishments and the prize!!!
    Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I'm giving you a blogger award. I've posted about it in my latest post, "A Gift", and linked to your blog. I hope you'll accept...I think you definitely deserve it!

  12. @Sunray Gardening

    Thanks! Will stop by your blog.


    Thanks a lot!

  13. Congratulations on your exams results. I didn't know there is a double petaled anthurium and the colour of this one is quite unusual shade of pink. I thought it was pale orange colour.

  14. Congrats for passing with flying colors n for your new camera. I think you have done a neat job with these snaps! Way to go kid...