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Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's raining heavily almost daily in Malaysia nowadays. It's quite a chore to run back and forth, collecting the hanging clothes before they get drenched in rain. It's a new year, and that means school is a nightmare again. I have sports practice, tons of homework, tuitions, housework, prefect duties, and more chores.....

I don't have the time for hobbies too, especially papercrafting and blogging. Sorry I don't have the time to comment on all your blogs anymore. I may be active only during weekends and holidays. But I'll still try to view all your blogs...

Anyway, the rain is good for the plants and i don't have to water them anymore (except lots and lots of shaded plants everywhere. I even got nagged because I forgot to water 2 potted palms....) 

Here are some of the rain-drenched plants.


  1. All these rain-drenched blooms are beautiful! Your white double spathe is awesome. mine, the from is far from yours. Also, I am mersmerised by your white mandevilla - gorgeous! Nice shots of your flowers btw ;-)

  2. Thanks, Stephanie!! Your flowers are pretty too!!

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous! Is the hibiscus white? I love that.

    Your photos are beautiful too. How do you add those white frames? Is it through creating collages?

    Sorry to hear you have no more time for your hobbies. I've heard that you can borrow time from the future... :)

  4. Those rain drenched blooms are simply lovely! Aaron, I know just how you feel, being so pressed for time. I hope you will be able to post some of your gorgeous pictures regularly.

  5. I lost my comment, difficult to Open. You should take your time Aaron, better be spending most of your time with youngsters your age, not in blogging, hehe. But even if you're not often posting, your collection of Nepenthes and flowers is our envy. Those double petalled anthurium and white hibiscus are very beautiful lastly your change of dress for the new year is nice. This looks like Autumn Belle's and Helens of My rustic Bajan Garden. hehe. Good luck Aaron with your assignments in school.

  6. @One

    Thanks!! Yah, it's a white hibiscus. The frames comes with the template!!


    Thanks too. Everything is so rushed haha.


    I do spend time with my friends, but I still enjoy my personal hobbies more. Thanks a lot!

  7. Yeah, the rain is getting a little troublesome when it rains early in the morning - as I have to send my son to school and again - rains when I about to leave the office.
    Rain = Traffic Jam = Very late to do anything = Tired.
    So, I guess the weather might turn out to be a little better when it comes during the Chinese New Year where it gets a little hotter.
    Hopefully (by then you get a week off and may able to catch-up your gardening & blogging)

  8. Thanks James!! Yah, constant raining is troublesome, and I just sprained my knee..... I'm really looking forward for Chinese New year!!

  9. Slow down a little. Beautiful blooms Aaron. You better take care of yourself.

  10. It'll be okay. I know school can get crazy, but keep doing what you're doing. Wonderful pics with the rain on the flowers. Just remember all the hard work you put into your studies now will pay off later on in life. My students complain all the time about homework and I just smile. If they knew what school like outside the States, I think they'd be shocked:)

  11. Haha thanks!! I'm working real hard now!! Students in the US seems so much more relaxed than us here, or at least pictured in movies.

  12. Just like you, I am thankful for the rain as I don't have to water my plants on busy days. Ha ha...

    Take it easy. Don't let the busy schedule drown you. You are still young. Don't get yourself burnt out prematurely. And don't let the obligation of blogging makes you feel bad when you are taking a break. We all understand this.