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Monday, September 20, 2010


With a burst of blooms, here are some of the currently flowering beauties in my garden. I'll be posting a very special plant after this, I'm just giving it time to adapt after a long journey through courier service.

Passiflora. Love the detail of the flowers.

Heliconia. I love those with hanging flowers the most.

Anthurium. This weirdly shaped anthurium is so extremely incredibly rare here.

Succulent blooms. Cactus and another unknown succulent.

Pedilanthus or Little Bird Plants. They are quite popular during the Chinese New Year as they are regarded as auspicious.

Orchid. Lovely orange brightens up my day!

Dianthus. I love the multi petal carnation-like dianthus the most.

Angelonia. Lovely dark indigo.

Lantern plant. Anyone know what species this is? It really resembles Chinese lanterns.

Cosmos. So lovely and elegant!

Petunia. Hope they continue to flourish.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Now, for a showcase of purple plants! Unfortunately the passiflora and gloxinia aren't currently blooming. Some plants that appear pink are actually purple in real life.



Coleus' tiny blooms

Ground orchid.

Unknown purple foliage. Anyone knows what it is? It will produce small pink flowers and usually grown as a bonsai here.



Ti plant?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hot, The Loud and The Proud #4

This time, I'm combining it with my National Day post. Malaysia's birthday was on the 31st of August. I guess I'm 2 days late....but it's not too late to say "MERDEKA"!!

Get ready for lots of HOT, LOUD and PROUD!

The national flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus

Love the protuding stamen stalk of hibiscus blooms.

And then there's another bloom common in Malaysia, orchids!!

These are ground orchids, instead of those regular dendrobiums.

But the main focus of this hot, loud and proud meme will be Nepenthes this time. These are some of the currently pitchering Nepenthes..

N. rafflesiana 'Kondo var alata'

N. veitchii

N. mixta x fusca

N. rafflesiana 'Kuching Squat Red'

N. x hookeriana 'Hot Lips'

N. x 'Cemerlang'

N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highlands'

N. hirsuta

N. x ventrata