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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More blooms please!

After a whole day in Johor Bahru again, went to Yi Xiang nursery again to buy some plants and here they are!

Pink Hibiscus

Various cosmos of all colours and sizes.

White and Red Carnation

An adenium


A ground orchid

Something's gone terribly right! My dianthus is flowering like crazy again!! I knew that fertiliser worked!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ridiculously Rare Plants in my Neighbourhood

Sometimes I wonder, why don't people ever grow these plants when they are very suited to the local climate. Beautiful yet hardy plants seem to be missing in my neighbourhood. Every house has like the same plant such as adenium, bougainvillea, hibiscus, orchid, and boring foliages.

Here are some of the beautiful yet rarely grown plants that should be in the neighbourhood.

Come on. Mandevilla just need bright light, plenty of water and something to climb and it's beautiful!

The same goes to passion flowers. I've never ever seen passion flowers except the fruiting varieties (and only in 2 houses) in my whole town. They are beautiful, vigorous, and hardy.

Water plants tend to be unappreciated too, except the sacred lotus. Look at these gorgeous waterlilies. They are seldom grown here at all.

This species is an impressively rare plant here. I've only seen it in a nursery in Kluang. No other place has this red water lily.

Suprisingly, anthuriums are so rarely grown here that I have yet to see a house with one. My teacher brought 2 to school though for the Botany Club.

And instead of the boring old anthuriums, nurseries should try to find unique species.

Roses are also heat tolerable and beautiful. I wonder why everyone thinks that roses will die rapidly in the lowlands.

At least tillandsia is gaining popularity now. They have such unique and exotic leaves.

Nepenthes have a reputation of dying easily too, which is completely false. With proper care, they are rewarding and easy to grow.

They come in all shapes, colours and sizes too!

This special 'black' variety of N. albomarginata is beautiful. I love the purple-grey colour and the white stripe beneath the lips.

Dianthus and cosmos too are suprisingly rare since they grow well in this climate.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Lots of plants are blooming in my garden now. Some have been awaited for so long! But the long wait finally paid off when these plants start blooming!

Stephanie's hibiscus seeds finally grew into this gorgeous beauty! Thanks,Stephanie!

Can't wait for the other buds to blossom too!

Another hibiscus, newly bought just a week ago. Hope it continues to flourish.

Roses are blooming again! I especially love this white one, since the flowers are lovely and last long too.

Pink is beautiful too, although the flowers wilt extremely quickly.

Stripped rose have the most buds of all my roses. Can't wait for all of them to bloom.

Such a lovely scent, from this pure white jasmine.

Finally, dianthus starts blooming again after I abused trimming and fertilising on it.

One more thing that makes me happier than this....

 this! It finally started blooming again, and lots of buds too! It's like 3 flowers a day.

Such a unique shape that passion flowers possess.

I hope everyone notices this when they pass through my house.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glimpse of My Updated Garden

Remember my garden. Here!  Wondering how is it now? After my father and I went on a shopping spree for plants. I think I have to show you the updated garden.

Let's start from the front gate

Out we go

The purple passiflora on my fence is starting to flower again! Finally adapted after so 'long' (actually it adapted quite fast).

Turn right and you'll see these dieffenbachia, alocasia, calathea etc.

And more plants if you continue!

Turn again and we are under my balcony

Look to your right and you can see lots of my plants all clumped together.

Cactus on the windowsill

Look behind you!

Continue front and you'll see a row of nepenthes (Pitcher Plants) on your left.

Nepenthes hirsuta just hanging around.

The corner of my back garden. Overgrown elephant ears and fan palms with cute blackish purple plants below.

Up the stairs from my back garden to my 'balcony' where my maid dries the clothes.

Roses on the shelf.

Stephanie's hibiscus going to bloom, with rain lilies and coleus flowers in the background.

It's a jungle behind my house!

Let's turn back. Hibiscus is blooming well!

Palm trees and my water garden.

Big bird's nest fern on a table in my garden

Heliconia just hanging around.

My parent's room has a balcony cramp full with sanseviera

Another balcony, with calathea and yucca.

This is a yucca right?

Hope you enjoyed the journey!