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Monday, March 22, 2010

Other Carnivorous Plants

Again, nothing to do with Papercraft so skip this if you are here for them.

My sarracenia:

S. leucophylla hybrid

NOID(Unknown hybrid)

My pinguicula x Tina

My Venus Flytraps:

D. muscipula 'Green'

D. muscipula 'Typical' (It's supposed to have a red colouring in the 'mouth' but lack of sunlight caused it to turn green)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update on my plants

After some time, I decided to post my plants again. if you're here for papercraft, you can skip this post.(Don't worry, there is a papercraft waiting to be released).

N. viking from seed.

N. x hookeriana

N. sibuyanensis

N. rafflesiana 'Bau Red Giant'

N. albomarginata 'Black'

N. rafflesiana ' Kuching Squat Red'

N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highland'

A very overgrown N. x ventrata

N. x Indah flower. I think it's female.

N. truncata, hidden in the leaves.