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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carnivore Update

It's been some time since I bought the sundews. They have grown so much and some are now entering dormancy. Believe me, dormancy in the tropics is HARD because there is no winter. The plants usually start going dormant during the rainy seasons.

A shelf with plants and fertilisers.

Venus Flytrap

D. omissa producing lots of plantlets.

D. binata

D. tokaiensis

D. intermedia 'Great Swamp' entering dormancy.

D. filiformis

Some pinguicula/butterworts.

And lots of nepenthes

And a grasshopper. I really hate these pests because they attack my nepenthes. Once a nepenthes is attacked, it takes a very long time to recover and sometimes will just die.


  1. Wow! You have so many carnivorous plants, many of which I have not even seen!Are there any native to Malaysia?

  2. Thanks! The pitcher plants and some sundews are native to Malaysia. The others are native to temperate countries.

  3. Always love your carnivores! I will have a nepenthes someday..... I too share your hatred of the grasshoppers. Ugh. They target my crinums and hibiscus here.

  4. You really have a good collection of carnivorous plants! I like the fact that you have a variety of them. Dormancy is difficult? Ok I have to take note of this. My Sarra is still growing but not flowered yet.

    I am amazed by what you have told me about your kalanchoe. Do update if the plant flowers. My previous ones (small plants) did not survive. I am just so good at over-watering you see ;-( And impatiens, they are really fussy also.

    Hey that hoya has grown more leaves already. Nice. Btw, when the plant has mature and growing you can water more often but still careful not to over-water ;-)

  5. Hi Aaron, i always like you because you are a very diligent teenager, good in school, good in extracuricular activities and still have time for your unique collections. At the moment i don't know someone who collects them here, just like you. I envy actually your collections. I love that Venus flytrap with that beautiful colors, i've just seen the green one. BTW, how do you know they are approaching dormancy, how are they affected by dormancy?

  6. @Floridagirl

    Thanks!! Hope yoy get a nepenthes one day, and grasshopper problems solved too!


    Thanks too!! Yes, dormancy is tricky in the tropics.

    I don't know much about the kalanchoe. I just throw it under the shade of a fan palm under a hot sun and let rain water it and it doesn't die! i will update if it ever flowers.


    Thanks!! My collection is just a small one compared to others, but its my passion. I'll be getting a red Venus Flytrap too!

    And about dormancy, plants usually start growing slower or stop growing. They may appear to be dying, but some parts will still be alive. Some sundews will produce hibernacula (winter leaves). Certain Sarracenia (American Pitcher Plants) will produce phyllodia (flat leaves) and venus Flytrap will close their traps really slowly or won't shut at all.

    They need a dormancy period for about 2-3 months where they start storing energy and burst into bloom after coming out of dormancy. But without the 4 seasons, they will enter dormancy and flower anytime in the tropics.

  7. It is always so interesting to learn about your carnivorous plants. How nice if you have one that feed on grasshoppers too!

  8. Whoa! Thats an awesome collection you have. We don't get to see such carnivorous plants here in India so readily. Interesting post Aaron.

  9. The butterworts are really cute. What do they do? Do you have Sarracenia? I don't see them. Birds may love your grasshoppers.

  10. @Autumn Belle

    Thanks! Sometimes I catch the grasshoppers, stun them and throw them into the pitchers. Ironic isn't it..

    @Ever Green Tree

    Thanks too!! I know there is a nepenthes species, N. khasiana that grows wild in India.


    Thanks. The butterworts act like sundews. The leaves are sticky and glue insects to them. My sarracenia got killed by annoying mealybugs... My birds keep feeding on my bird plant, and not grasshoppers hahahh.

  11. Nepenthes..amazing. I saw few books on this plants when I was in Sabah and I thought of you "Sure, Aaron would love these books.. or may be he had these already..' Hehe.. whatever it was it made me smile coz I realized I hv a friend.. a friend who've made my world of nepenthes richer.

    Books on nephenthes -

  12. Thanks for your compliment!! I already have 2 books on carnivorous plant, one of them listed in the website you provided.

  13. With two poinsettias and red amaryllis... now your home is as red as mine ha ha... :-D

  14. Hahaha it;s still more green than red.