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Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Mayhem

Sorry for not being active for quite some time, but I was busy preparing for a concert at school! My friend Tee Jian Hong , a former student who went to Singapore to study, came back home. Some English College students were visiting our school. Since he was an avid Lady Gaga fan, we selected Bad Romance to perform. Unfortunately, the school sound system was so terrible!! Out of the 3 microphones, 2 were broken. So the choir wasn't really loud and clear. Then, I was playing the keyboard but the teacher can't find a mic or amplifier so it's not loud enough to notice..... and there was no mic for the acoustic guitar played by my friend, so it's not clear too. Only the main singer (Tee) and the drums were loud, and without my keyboard melody, we kinda mess up the tempo and pitch hahaha. I'll get back to posting and commenting again next week. I still have one more performance this Thursday.

Hear the disaster for yourself hehe.

Ra-ra-ra ah ah a, Roma roma mah ah, Gaga ooh la lah ah, Want your Bad Romance.


  1. Aaron, I think all schools are the same. When my students perform too, it is the same thing. The most important mikes are not working! Your performance reminded me of my school.Don't be dishaeartened, but practice!Best of luck!

  2. Thanks hahaha. hate the lousy sound system.

  3. Aaron, don't despair. This is not badlah, considering the limitations at school. I'm impressed that the team sang on and performed their best till the last moment. The lead singer sang on unhindered by the bad acoustic system. This is a valuable life experience. Good artists overcome obstacles to give a great performance and they are also able to hide what's troubling them inside. Afterall, the show must go on. I hear the audience enjoying themselves too. Certainly moments to be cherised for a long long time.

    Regarding your performance this Thursday, will a karaoke or wireless microphone from home help?

  4. I can see you all had so much fun! I heard the audience signing along too... amazing!

    btw, why are you all in uniform! ai ya... those ties... make two holes and tie them on your eyes instead... oh oh la la... have the craziest nite this thurs!

  5. @Autumn Belle

    Thanks!! It surely was a wonderful memory for all! I think its ok because maybe I'm performing solo on Thursday.


    Thanks too! We have to wear the uniforms.....since we're at school.

  6. Take your time Aaron, you are young, you should enjoy everything coming in for you. Have fun but take care! We will wait for you. Congratulations again for you are a very talented young man.

  7. it should be fun... singing is about feeling and emotion. mics are just toys.... cheer up. ~bangchik