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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hot, The Loud and The Proud #6

For this Hot, Loud and Proud meme, the theme is 'The Vibrant Tropics'. Here are some of the bright, vibrant and stunning plants of the tropics.


  1. Great choices for Hot, Loud and Proud. The Hibiscus is gorgeous, but I do so love the Water lily.

  2. Hi Aaron have you already rested from your stressing contest? Congratulations again for your good performance, you are a very diligent young man! As for your post i like that first hibiscus with the additional protruding petals on the supposed to be the pistil area. I actually thought of posting hibiscus again in this meme, and that would make many of us posting the same, however i chose to be different this time!

  3. Awesome photos! So cool to see a blood lily blooming right now. Ours have long been done for the year here. Also love the white anthurium, lobster claw, and of course, the pitcher plant!

  4. Lovely flowers, Aaron. I am surprised that the football lily is blooming in your garden.They are busy making food for the next year's bloom here.

  5. @Andrea

    Thanks!! Yah, resting quite well. I still have a concert to perform though. That hibiscus is my favourite too.


    Thanks!! Blood lilies are so cute. Wish I could grow a true lilium here.


    That blood lily was from my friend's aunt (who's a nursery owner) and after I planted it, it died back. Suddenly it sprung out with blooms!

  6. Your passiflora is blooming again. How wonderful! I like the yellow hibiscus and blood lily. They are so striking. Wish to have all your blooms in my garden :-D

    Btw, yes my Chinese bellplant declined, regrew and rebloomed :-)

  7. I love your yellow hibiscus. Is that a new addition?

  8. @Stephanie

    Thanks!! All my climbers are starting to flourish. Wish to have that bellflower of yours haha.


    Thanks!! It has been almost 7 months since I got it.

  9. beautiful, i love that hibiscus its very pretty and the colors are hot :)

  10. The mandivella is very sweet. All your blooms are lovely.

  11. Your passiflora look so glorious! Did you manage to get them to fruit?

  12. @Autumn Belle

    Thanks! The mandevillas are thriving beautifully now.

    @James Missier

    Thanks too. This purple hybrid doesn't fruit. The species that fruit hasn't start fruiting yet....

  13. Hi Aaron! May I ask what the third photo is? I'm glad to have found your blog. I hope you will let me add a link to your blog on my site.
    -- Bom @

  14. Ooh, very nice photos, especially the heliconia pic. That little setup with the table and birds nest fern is one of my favorite. Love the blood lily too! I grow it too and like the leaves as much as the flowers!

  15. @Plant Chaser

    The 3rd photo is a Blood Lily/ Scadoxus. Of course you can add the link!

    @Rainforest Gardener

    Thansk too!

  16. Trying to get around to visit a few of my fav blogs. Aaron you have the most awesome plants in your gardens. Lovely hibuscus. What season is it where you are? Hope you have a wonderful day.

  17. Thanks, Becca! It's a mess here. I think the monsoon season is starting. They crushed my morning glory seedlings!