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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hot, The Loud and The Proud #5

Not really much this time, since I'm preparing for my exams 4 days later. But here is my special plant that I was talking about in my previous post.

Get ready for a really sticky situation.

Is there a worse way to die than drowning agonizingly?


D. tokaeinsis

Drosera are vicious plants, even more than nepenthes!

Those drops of dew sure do look tempting, even more if you're an insect.

But wait, something's not right.

D. binata

Drosera uses this sticky 'dew' to trap unsuspecting insects.

D. filiformis

Then, the poor insects get suffocated by the dew and starts being digested alive.

D. intermedia 'Cuba'

And then absorb the now digested fly soup.

So you can see that drosera, which suffocates and burns the insects, are definately more aggressive than our passive pitcher plants.

D. omissa

OK, now for a totally different topic, this is a gift from my cousin who bought it from Australia. Hope they are able to grow in this climate.


  1. Fantastic plant! All the best for your exams, Aaron!

  2. All the best again! Thank you for sharing on your killer plants. I better not put my fingers anywhere near them.

  3. these are amazing little and deadly beauties aaron, thanks for sharing these

  4. Oh what a death those flies have if they get trapped there. Great macro Aaron - so much detail in those little leaves. I hope you have lots of success in your exams.

  5. Ooohh! They are deadly little plants ... great close-ups! Those dew drops look so pretty ... what a secret they hold!

    The Rhodanthe ... Everlasting ... is an Aussie native daisy growing naturally in southern Western Australia. They love full sun and will survive in low nutrient soils. The success rate for seed germination is very high, so you should have lovely seedlings in no time.

  6. @One

    Thanks! Haha they won't kill you, unless you're a fly.


    Thanks!! They won't be so little in a year hahah.


    Thanks too! Nature is merciless sometimes.


    Thanks! Those pretty dewdrops are so evil haha!

    Oh, and thanks for you tip on the rhodanthe.

  7. Sundews are really cool plants! Love 'em! Your first two photos are amazing!

  8. These plants are good. They will help get rid of all those flies and bad bugs. They look nice but with the kiss of death. Wishing you the very best of luck in you exams!

  9. Good luck to your exam. Huh, the plant may be friendly to insects, but it sure helps reducing nasty pests. ~bangchik

  10. Thanks! Actually, it attacks any insect dumb enough to approach it.

  11. It looks so dainty, sweet n innocent esp with the dew drops..but vicious to poor little insects!

  12. Hello Aaron, would those drops of dew collect particles in the air as well? Maybe can give the plant a good shower if they do he he... Nice plant to have ;-) Those seeds are great gift. Btw, would the D. omissa grow big? Looks really small. How old is the plant? Hope you will excel in your exam!

  13. @p3chandan



    No need for a shower, they change the glue when they consume insects. I'm not sure if D. omissa will grow big too but I'll just see.

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  15. Aaron, you seem to be on the path of collecting the insect-eating plants. They surely are marvelous and i am glad you are in the right path while still young. In your adult life you can be the authority for these special plants. Gogogo!

  16. Wow..
    Im pretty sure now there are less mosquito's to worry about.
    Hope they consume more & more aedes mosquitos...

  17. I'm finally back!!


    Sorry I missed your game...


    Yes, the exam was easy!



    @James Missier

    Haha, less insects = more happiness.