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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mighty Minds Disappointing Aftermath and a Trip To Sungai Buloh and 1 Utama!

Well, even though we didn't win, it was a valuable experience. And I don't think getting No. 7 out of 14 teams is terrible. Maybe I'll work harder and try again next year.

We were having a delicious dinner at RHB Bank Headquarters

Arjun (right) and Haziq (left)

Haziq (right) and me (left)

After the disappointing results, we were somehow relieved since we had lots of free time for shopping!! But I slept early and went to Sungai Buloh the next day.

Some begonias from Sungai Buloh.

White mandevilla

A nice anthurium

A beautiful Morning Glory

And then we went to the Secret Garden of 1 Utama.

My brother and I at the Secret Garden



My mom and my brother, Jordan, with a Rangoon Creeper.

Some lovely yellow flowering vine.

Many other shrubs and flowers.


Yellow flag.

An Aristolochia. I wonder when mine will flower?


Cute bottle gourds!!

Then we went to the rainforest of 1 Utama.

Mom, Dad and Jordan 

And we witness the beautiful gigantic waterlily, Victoria amazonica

Hahaha my awkward face.

Then we returned home, somehow disappointed yet happy and satisfied.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mighty Minds National Challenge!!

Remember this:

Well, this Friday (15th October 2010), I'm going to Kuala Lumpur for the National Challenge!! Still a little nervous, but I hope we will emerge as the champions!!

Latest news on Mighty Minds:

I'll be really happy by just being a finalist.  But since we are already there, we might as well win! Going to Sungai Buloh for more plants after the competition.

I wonder if I can sleep tonight.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hot, The Loud and The Proud #5

Not really much this time, since I'm preparing for my exams 4 days later. But here is my special plant that I was talking about in my previous post.

Get ready for a really sticky situation.

Is there a worse way to die than drowning agonizingly?


D. tokaeinsis

Drosera are vicious plants, even more than nepenthes!

Those drops of dew sure do look tempting, even more if you're an insect.

But wait, something's not right.

D. binata

Drosera uses this sticky 'dew' to trap unsuspecting insects.

D. filiformis

Then, the poor insects get suffocated by the dew and starts being digested alive.

D. intermedia 'Cuba'

And then absorb the now digested fly soup.

So you can see that drosera, which suffocates and burns the insects, are definately more aggressive than our passive pitcher plants.

D. omissa

OK, now for a totally different topic, this is a gift from my cousin who bought it from Australia. Hope they are able to grow in this climate.