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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Now, for a showcase of purple plants! Unfortunately the passiflora and gloxinia aren't currently blooming. Some plants that appear pink are actually purple in real life.



Coleus' tiny blooms

Ground orchid.

Unknown purple foliage. Anyone knows what it is? It will produce small pink flowers and usually grown as a bonsai here.



Ti plant?


  1. Wonderful phtoos, Aaron! Purple is one of my favorite garden colors! Love that ti plant!

  2. Great photos. I liked the purple cosmos best.

  3. Your purple blooms are very gorgeous, especially the cosmos. Regarding the unknowns, I'm not sure about the first one, but the second one looks like ti-plant. Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Aaron, Beautiful purples. I like the ground orchid and cosmos most. Selamat Hari Raya!

  5. Really? I didn't know that. I like both pink and purple flowers. Foliage also! From your picture, that plant, those purple leaves looks like my Chinese fringe flower plant. When I bought mine many years ago it looked like that. Did you bought it or propagated the plant using stem cuttings? For me, the plant is not so easy to propagate unless the weather is cooler. Have a good weekend!

  6. @Floridagirl

    Thanks! I prefer white and red, but all other colours are beautiful too!



    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks too!! Cosmos is really growing on me. It has neat leaves and pretty flowers! Happy holidays too.


    Thanks! Selamat Hari Raya too!!


    Thanks too. Checked it and it really is the chinese fringe flower plant! Thanks for the ID. I bought it from a nursery.

  7. I always thought of dianthus being a plant for the northern hemisphere rather than in your exotic climate conditions. Its one of my favourites too and I let them seed aswell in the garden. Mine have never stoped flowering since late spring. Purple is lovely in the garden and it goes so well with so many other colours in the garden without clashing.

  8. Someone had passed me a very short piece of the Chinese fringe plant for identification. Later I had placed that little stalk about 6cm with few leaves pressing it into the soil.
    Somehow, that one is surviving. - its about a month now.
    The colour is slowly changing from deep magenta to brownish green due to the lack of sunlight in my garden.

    I guess, you can propagate it but the stalk need to be shorter (not more than 10cm long before placing 1/3 into the soil)

  9. @leavesnbloom

    Thanks. I guess dianthus is hardier than it seems.

    @james Missier

    Hope you can provide more sunlight for your chinese fringe plant.

  10. All the best in your PMR, Aaron. Hope you get lots of As, more than what you have in your name... :)