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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hot, The Loud and The Proud #4

This time, I'm combining it with my National Day post. Malaysia's birthday was on the 31st of August. I guess I'm 2 days late....but it's not too late to say "MERDEKA"!!

Get ready for lots of HOT, LOUD and PROUD!

The national flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus

Love the protuding stamen stalk of hibiscus blooms.

And then there's another bloom common in Malaysia, orchids!!

These are ground orchids, instead of those regular dendrobiums.

But the main focus of this hot, loud and proud meme will be Nepenthes this time. These are some of the currently pitchering Nepenthes..

N. rafflesiana 'Kondo var alata'

N. veitchii

N. mixta x fusca

N. rafflesiana 'Kuching Squat Red'

N. x hookeriana 'Hot Lips'

N. x 'Cemerlang'

N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highlands'

N. hirsuta

N. x ventrata


  1. Hi Aaron, Noticed the change in your blog. Now you have pink hibiscus instead of spider lily. Very nice. How much did the hibiscus cost you? I saw a very big red one at RM20 last week.

  2. Thanks. The hibiscus was about RM 17.

  3. Merdeka! Love those hibiscus and ground orchids. But of course, the nepenthes are stealing the show as usual.

  4. aloha aaron,

    i love nepenthes, you have quite a nice collection...i heard that these are very popular plants to collect in malaysia.

  5. Nice pitcher plants. You do have quite a collections. The cups hang nicely, and resemble the sea horses..... in character. ~bangchik

  6. Love your ground orchid - they look very exclusive like hanging berries. How long have you been keeping them?
    Mine don't seemed to flower at all.

  7. @Floridagirl

    Thanks!! Nepenthes are so exotic!


    Thanks a lot! Sadly, nepenthes tend to be mistreated although popular.


    Thanks!! That's why pitcher plants are so unique!

    @James Missier

    Thanks. The ground orchid is a fairly recent addition to my garden. Perhaps you should fetilise your orchid more.

  8. The pink hibiscus is very sweet, so is the spatho. I think the nepenthes looks very delicious!

  9. Aaron, you have so many varieties of Pitcher plants. I wish I knew your secret of keeping them so healthy!Your pink hibiscus is lovely.

  10. Thanks, lotusleaf. I use filtered water and sphagnum moss as the soil. They catch lots of insects on their own. No fertilisers.

  11. hi Aaron, thanks for your frequent visits to my site. Have you read leavesnbloom's comment in my previous orchid post, she said "i hope Aaron already recovered"! haha.

    They are all wonderful, but you should have placed only the Nepenthes, maybe the best of them. The hibiscus and orchid can wait for other months, just a suggestion. Your Nepenthes collection is already a big job, you will be famous for it if given much attention and advertisements. More power Aaron! Keep gardening.

  12. @Andrea

    Thanks a lot! Haha, I don't think I'll ever recover from orchid fever.

    I posted the hibiscus (National Flower) and orchid (A candidate for national flower) because it was Malaysia's Independence Day. But I agree, should have posted my nepenthes only haha.

  13. Your nepenthes are doing really well! Love the pictures of the pitchers. It's amazing to see how they can look so nice but actually they 'eat' insects :-D
    Btw, hope the nurseries at your area will bring in more delightful plants for you. Have a great week!

  14. Thanks, Stephanie! I think another batch of beautiful savages will arrive tomorrow!

  15. How very very cool! I love Hibiscus too- have a couple I baby through the desert heat where I live, but those Nepenthes are incredible!

  16. Oh the hibuscu is so pretty. It is one of my favorites. I love to see the unusual plants that you grow. They are so pretty.

  17. Great blooms for Noel's Hot Loud and Proud meme. I especially love the pitcher plants! I don't have any and they are on my wish list for my upcoming birthday. Hopefully I'll be posting about it next month! :)

  18. Thanks! Hopefully you get some beautiful pitcher plants!