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Monday, September 20, 2010


With a burst of blooms, here are some of the currently flowering beauties in my garden. I'll be posting a very special plant after this, I'm just giving it time to adapt after a long journey through courier service.

Passiflora. Love the detail of the flowers.

Heliconia. I love those with hanging flowers the most.

Anthurium. This weirdly shaped anthurium is so extremely incredibly rare here.

Succulent blooms. Cactus and another unknown succulent.

Pedilanthus or Little Bird Plants. They are quite popular during the Chinese New Year as they are regarded as auspicious.

Orchid. Lovely orange brightens up my day!

Dianthus. I love the multi petal carnation-like dianthus the most.

Angelonia. Lovely dark indigo.

Lantern plant. Anyone know what species this is? It really resembles Chinese lanterns.

Cosmos. So lovely and elegant!

Petunia. Hope they continue to flourish.


  1. Hi Aaron, You mean you just bought something special delivered via courier service?

    Very lovely blooms! The first one is my avatar!
    Your Little Bird Plant is already flowering. Malar would love to see that, I believe. I love your flowering cactus. Any passion fruits yet?

  2. Yah, I bought a special plant through courier.

    Love the red passiflora! I'm still looking for rare and exotic plants.

    My house is literally full with these bird plants. My dad who is currently obsesses with them have more than 30 plants in the house already, with more seeds germinating everytime!

    Nope, no passion fruits. My passiflora are of the non-fruiting variety> The only one that fruits is stingy with flowers.

  3. You are keeping it a secret, right?
    Do you see seeds on the red passiflora?
    The bird plant is very lovely with blooms. How come mine doesn't bloom?
    I am planting passion fruit. So I shouldn't expect showy flowers. You are knowledgeable for your age.
    Can I invite you to come back to read the complete story of my ladybugs? If you click at the bottom, it will bring you to another page.

  4. You have some lovely flowers, Aaron. I think the Chinese lantern is an Abutilon. I hav not seen this variety, though. The Little Bird plants grow here too, but I haven't noticed the flowers. I am waiting for your surprise !

  5. Very beautiful blooms as always Aaron :-D Looks like your passifloras are doing really well for you. I like the succulents and the lantern plant abutilon. They are definitely special. Will watch out for your new plant!

  6. Wow Aaron. The lantern plant looks just like a lantern. Neat. Lovely display of passifloras. Dianthus is doing very well too. Lots of beautiful blooms today.

  7. Your unknown succulent is surely some species of Aloe. It is quite beautiful! I am mesmerized by your auspicious "Little Bird" plant. Love that name! Sounds so much more, well, auspicious than "Devil's Backbone."

  8. @One

    Yes, still a secret. Nope, my red passiflora doesn't fruit. No pollinators nearby I guess.

    For it to bloom, I suggest you exopse the bird plant to full sun and maybe fertilise it with high-potassium fertilisers.


    Thanks for identifying the lantern plant. Little bird plants are growing in popularity here.


    Thanks! I'm sure you'll know what my special plant is once I post it. Not really fancy or beautiful, but I'm starting to love them again after the previous love died.




    The only aloe I know is aloe vera haha. Thanks! Little Bird Plant sure sounds better than Devil's Backbone.

  9. That snowy white cactus has such a pretty bloom. You have quite a good variety of flowering plants now. I am trying to grown my second scarlet passion flower, hopefully I get better luck this time. The first one is still struggling but I am still not giving up yet.

  10. Thanks. Good luck with your passiflora!

  11. Aaron that red passion flower is stunning. Your lantern is a "flowering maple" otherwise known as trailing abutilon/Brazilian bell flower - Abutilon megapotamicum.

  12. Its truly must be exciting to see all the lovely gorgeous blooms in the garden.
    They are so pretty.

  13. @leavesnbloom


    @James Missier

    Seeing beautiful blooms makes me happy!

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  15. Hi, Aaron! Your passiflora are beautiful. I have a red Lady Margaret that is blooming right now. I love this vine! I'm also loving your heliconia. I don't have any where the flower hangs down...YET! :D I like to see your pedilanthus in bloom. I aquired mine not too long ago, although it's an established plant...I hope it'll bloom this year! AND...your orange orchids are fantastic! They certainly do brighten the garden. Very Pretty!!!

  16. Thanks! Passiflora are such wonderful plants! Love orchids too!