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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Blooms

It's a perfect weather to take photos today, not scorching hot nor heavy rains. And most of my plants are very refreshed after yesterday's heavy downpour which crushed my new red hibiscus bloom. Anyway, I'm glad to have the chance to take early morning photos, since I usually have piano classes, but now my piano examination is over ('s not a common thing here to meet a Caucasian in a hotel room with a miniature piano.)

Blue waterlily is the most frequent bloomer of all water plants! It's like they are blooming everyday.

One of the very few times I get to take a photo of a crinum lily without any wilting flowers since they usually wilt during the afternoon the next day.

Don't mind those rotten buds, they got drenched in heavy rain. Still, these are pretty and smell heavenly especially at night. I think its called 'sedap malam' here, which means night fragrant flower. The scientific name is Polianthes tuberosa.

Adenium is making a comeback after being ravaged by spider mites ( curse those pesky pests!) 

I can see many rain lily buds popping out of the ground after the heavy rain the past few days.

Turnera subulata, a morning bloomer with flowers that fade in the afternoon, so I've never seen it bloom since school ends at 2.00 pm. I took a cutting from my neighbour's bush and I can't wait for this to turn into a bush too.

Dianthus is blooming their heads off. The weak stems can't support the heads.... Oh well..

Stephanie's hibiscus seeds have grown into this! Can't wait to see the blooms.

Roses are on a flowering spree after I shifted them to my hot balcony. You can see the many developing buds. They love sunlight after all! I can't deadhead these in time!

Can't wait to see them all bloom!

Wrightia was dying when I abused pesticide on it but has recovered and is putting a show of cute fragrant blooms. 

The next generation of sunflowers have germinated! This is my second generation, can't wait for them to flower already and plant the third generation!


  1. Lovely blooms. Your Crinum lily is gorgeous ... it looks like it has variegated foliage! Just love the water lily and the little rain lily. I see you have Turnea too ... mine are still open when I get home from school in the afternoon. They generally start closing up around 4.00 pm here ... they will open around 9.00, if it's a sunny day. Great to see you've got some more sunflowers ... I've never grown them so maybe it's time to give them a go.
    I have a Wrightia too ... and I found our it's deciduous in the winter here ... loses its leaves and then the buds return at the end of winter ... so they're just coming back now.

  2. It seems that the sky poured rains all over the country yesterday. Rain lilies as usual, sprout happily, in my case pink and white. Good luck to your second generation sunflowers.... make them grow tall with big bright flowers!
    Happy Sunday,
    ~bangchik and kakdah.

  3. Agreed with ya, today is a one good picture taking day. So sad my camera was out of batt when I wanted to use it.

    Can't wait to see your roses bloom! I wanted to know their colors too! Ohh.. let me guess - red, pink & white..?

  4. @Bernie

    Thanks. Yah, the crinum has variegated foliage and flower profusely and regularly! Try sunflowers, they are beautiful in full bloom! Wrightia is evergreen here.


    Yah, heavy rains all day! Can't wait to see the bright yellow flowers again!


    Yah, such a fine day. I have white, yellow, pink, red, stripped, white + pink, orange, etc colours, all producing buds!

  5. I always love seeing your blooms because they are most often never seen in my garden.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful waterlily! I love all your blooms, and the hope of all those buds is exciting! The desert rose is very pretty. We've had a great day for photography today here in Florida. Just drizzly rains but lots of clouds to create perfect light. Love days like this!

  7. Your Water Lily looks beautiful! All your flowers look amazing, thanks for the post and lovely photographs.

  8. @Floridagirl

    Thanks! The desert rose is a very popular auspicious plant during the Chinese New Year here.


    Thanks too!

  9. Beautiful crinum lily. Stunning water lily. I wish I'd learned to play the piano. Have a great day Aaron.

  10. Aaron, I hope the hibiscus flower will open soon. I gave one plant away and the plant turn out to be pink. As you know, mine is white. I have another one is that is in a bigger pot. The plant has not flower yet! So, yours can be either white or pink (or maybe red) :-D

    Turnera has yellow ones too. I hope to see your next generation sunflowers soon. Happy gardening!

  11. @Becca



    Yah, can't wait for the hibiscus. I like white turneras better. Thanks too!

  12. Polianthes tuberosa is very fragrant. We use to buy it as offerings for the altar. Tunera subulata attracts a lot of butterflies and even bees. Has it happened to yours?

  13. Yah, polianthes is so fragrant! So far no butterflies yet, since the turnera is still very very young.

  14. I am amazed Aaron that you have 3 generations of sunflowers during the growing season - it certainly must be a long one. I too would love to have a little sniff of a Polianthes.

    I hope the rain doesn't destroy your beautiful blooms and that the sun shines on those rosebuds to encourage them to open.

  15. @leavesnbloom

    Actually only 2 generations, I meant that I can't wait for the next generation already. But 3 generation is very possible since Malaysia's sunny and warm all year round.

    Yah, hope no more heavy rains.