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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More blooms please!

After a whole day in Johor Bahru again, went to Yi Xiang nursery again to buy some plants and here they are!

Pink Hibiscus

Various cosmos of all colours and sizes.

White and Red Carnation

An adenium


A ground orchid

Something's gone terribly right! My dianthus is flowering like crazy again!! I knew that fertiliser worked!


  1. Aaron, You do have a big and beautiful collection of flowers. Tak habis habis. I almost bought a hibiscus plant yesterday. But settled for a creeper plant.

  2. Thanks!! I prefer climbers, they usually have more beautiful flowers.

  3. You did get some beautiful flowers ... I particularly liked that ground orchid. Just love the Cosmos ... they always look terrific!

  4. Thanks!! Cosmos are one of my favourites too!

  5. Your pink hibiscus is really pretty! This pink shade is bright and nice. I like the rose as well. Oh, the cosmos are so refreshing. These white and pinks look so different from the normal yellow and orange. Good picks and enjoy all the wonderful blooms :-D

  6. Wow.. roses - lovely.
    I would like to know what fertiliser did you use?

  7. @Stephanie

    Thanks!! I just need to find a way to get rid of annoying aphids, permanently!

    @James Missier

    Thanks, I usually use those foliar feeds with high potassium.

  8. Lovely new purchases! I have that very ground orchid. I wish something would go terribly right for me, and it would bloom. Hasn't had a single flower since our bad freeze in Jan/Feb.

  9. Thanks! Hope your flowers grow and bloom again.

  10. Your new plants are all good. I like the ground orchid a lot. I have one with similar leaves, which gives white flowers.

  11. Thanks! Ground orchids are cute!

  12. Wow! Great collection. I envy you :)

  13. Your flowers are realy lovely, especially the cosmos.