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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glimpse of My Updated Garden

Remember my garden. Here!  Wondering how is it now? After my father and I went on a shopping spree for plants. I think I have to show you the updated garden.

Let's start from the front gate

Out we go

The purple passiflora on my fence is starting to flower again! Finally adapted after so 'long' (actually it adapted quite fast).

Turn right and you'll see these dieffenbachia, alocasia, calathea etc.

And more plants if you continue!

Turn again and we are under my balcony

Look to your right and you can see lots of my plants all clumped together.

Cactus on the windowsill

Look behind you!

Continue front and you'll see a row of nepenthes (Pitcher Plants) on your left.

Nepenthes hirsuta just hanging around.

The corner of my back garden. Overgrown elephant ears and fan palms with cute blackish purple plants below.

Up the stairs from my back garden to my 'balcony' where my maid dries the clothes.

Roses on the shelf.

Stephanie's hibiscus going to bloom, with rain lilies and coleus flowers in the background.

It's a jungle behind my house!

Let's turn back. Hibiscus is blooming well!

Palm trees and my water garden.

Big bird's nest fern on a table in my garden

Heliconia just hanging around.

My parent's room has a balcony cramp full with sanseviera

Another balcony, with calathea and yucca.

This is a yucca right?

Hope you enjoyed the journey!


  1. I loved the tour! Very impressive! Thank you for showing us around!

  2. What a huge collection of plants! How amazing you and your dad is, taking care of them all. And thanks for showing me your beautiful garden. I really enjoy the journey.

  3. Aaron, you certainly did go plant shopping, didn't you?! I really like the Nepenthes hirsuta just hanging around! Great idea. Everything looks lush and happy...really nice!

  4. @Rough.Rosa

    Thanks! I'm happy you liked it!


    Thanks too! Nepenthes are my favourites!

  5. Beautiful garden! I am amazed at so many container plantings! Love your pitcher plant collection, the palm trees, and that heliconia. Very nice and oh so tropical! I am inspired to grow pitcher plants by reading your blog. Now where in the world to buy them?

  6. Looks like the hibiscus is going to be white. I am excited about your passiflora as well. And wow you have so many many plants now! Love to see those plants in the balcony there... so soothing! And yeah that looks like a yucca. I am reminded about my pandan bush with a long trunk/root and foliage at the top... the shape looks like your yucca he he...

  7. Great garden. Love how you have all the plants grouped together....very nice. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. @Floridagirl

    Thanks! I think you can find them in garden centres. They are extremely common in nurseries here, but only common hybrids. Rare species are bought in the highlands here.


    Yah, will post photos of it after blooming! Purple passiflora with so many buds (10+) makes me happy. Yah, I have a pandan too and it looks like the yucca.


    Thanks too!

  9. Aaron - who does the watering of all those containers?

    I loved all the different textures to the leaves in the groups - but I've never seen so many Sanseviera in one group before - very impressive.

  10. Words cannot express my excitement over these pictures. The birds nest fern is wonderful, and the view of the jungle is breathtaking. Most of all I love your enthusiasm, which is lacking in a lot of gardeners and people in general. Your dad must be really proud of you.

  11. @leavesnbloom

    My maid and father waters his own plants, while I water mine when I'm not busy.

    @Rainforest Gardener

    Thanks! I seem to be the only lover of plants in my whole school!

  12. So many fabulous plants ... and I see you have a lot in containers like I do. You have an impressive collection of Pitcher Plants ... amazing! I also loved the rain lilies and the coleus in flower ... thanks so much for the update on your wonderful garden.

  13. Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for following my blog. Thank you for the tour too. It does look that it may take hours just on watering the pots each day. Lovely monkey cups.

  14. @Bernie

    Thanks! Yah, I prefer container gardening.


    I'm happy you like my post. The watering is very fast actually. Maybe half an hour.

  15. You really have lots of plants now, a 'jaguh container'! Is the purple passiflora the one with the very very nice scent?

  16. Thanks. I've never smelled the flower so I don't know.

  17. Hi Aaron, you have a lot of varieties in your area. Howeve, i really envy that Nepenthes collection. BTW, are you in KL? I asked because it can also be very hot in the dry season and it might also be very difficult to water them, as they are mostly in containers, hehe.