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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Lots of plants are blooming in my garden now. Some have been awaited for so long! But the long wait finally paid off when these plants start blooming!

Stephanie's hibiscus seeds finally grew into this gorgeous beauty! Thanks,Stephanie!

Can't wait for the other buds to blossom too!

Another hibiscus, newly bought just a week ago. Hope it continues to flourish.

Roses are blooming again! I especially love this white one, since the flowers are lovely and last long too.

Pink is beautiful too, although the flowers wilt extremely quickly.

Stripped rose have the most buds of all my roses. Can't wait for all of them to bloom.

Such a lovely scent, from this pure white jasmine.

Finally, dianthus starts blooming again after I abused trimming and fertilising on it.

One more thing that makes me happier than this....

 this! It finally started blooming again, and lots of buds too! It's like 3 flowers a day.

Such a unique shape that passion flowers possess.

I hope everyone notices this when they pass through my house.


  1. Gorgeous blooms!

    I like the white roses too, they look so gooood.. The plant looks so healthy and the leaves are huge and glossy. Kudos for the great work you had on them Aaron!

    Your hibiscus are lovely too. I am sure their presence can't easily be ignored, they are huge and eye catching. And so do your passion flowers!

  2. Aaron I have to say that the passion flowers are my very very favourites of your blooms today - so intricate aswell. Those roses look like hybrid tea varieties.

  3. Passion flowers are exotic! 3 tiered flower, each with specific and unique design. Are we going to name that hibiscus as Stephanie Hibiscus? It does sound great...... ~ bangchik

  4. Look at all the blooms!!! I can't wait until we get some color again after the desert heat leaves....I love the roses...beautiful!!

  5. Aaron, congratulations on getting a hibiscus plant from seed and getting it to bloom! I love the scent of jasmine too. Have a good week!

  6. I'm sure everyone notices those outstanding passionflowers! They are truly stunning. They have got to be the most unique bloom on earth.

  7. Gorgeous! I am so delighted to see the hibiscus blooming in your garden(same colour as mine ;-D). It's really big right? Ha ha... I was really happy to see my bloom also.

    Congrats on the passiflora! I like the colour ;-)

    Enjoy gardening and happy working on your homework also!

  8. @Rough.Rosa

    Thanks. Roses are hard work but they are worth it! Can't wait to get more.


    Thanks too! Passion flowers never fail in getting praised hahaha. Most roses here are hybrid teas.


    Hmm....Stephanie Hibiscus sounds like a wondeful name hahaha.




    Thanks a lot! Actually Stephanie's variety is easy, they germinated in just days.


    Thanks!! Yah, love passion flowers. Hope I can find more hybrids and species!


    Thanks again for the seeds. I love that hibiscus!!!

  9. Hi Aaron. Blooms are looking good. Gorgeous passion flowers. Hibuscus is pretty. I bet that pretty jasmine smells so fine. How's school going?

  10. Thanks, Becca. School is going just fine!

  11. White flowers are my favourites but I love your purple passion flowers, very unique indeed!

  12. Exquisite! Aaron, much as I like all those blooms, the passionflowers have truly stolen my heart! I've never seen the scarlet one anywhere here. What a pity!

  13. Aaron, I love your passion flowers. Really beautiful!

  14. @Sunita

    Thanks!! The scarlet one is rare where live.


    Thanks too! Yah, passifloras are beautiful!

  15. I like all your blooms. They are really healthy and gorgeous. You do have green fingers.