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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


White often symbolise purity and innocence. Well, there are as many whites in my garden as my pinks.

What is your favourite white flower? I love lilies but unfortunately are unable to grow them here.

Here are some of those plants.

Not only do they look cute, but they smell nice too! Love these tiny jasmines.

The YTT plant aka Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The flowers are purple on the first fay, turns light purple the next day and finally white before falling off.

The drops of blood have fallen from the heart, so now the only thing left are pure white hearts on my Bleeding Heart Vine.

Dendrobiums are still flourishing and the flowers are so long lasting!

Wrightia religiosa, which it is grown as a bonsai and have a wonderful fragrance.

This fittonia was a gift from my friend who have transferred to Singapore. It's the closest thing to a pure white leaf in my house.

Chilli blossoms have a spicy scent, but they look so cute close up!

Recently, the rain lilies are sending lots of buds. Must be the weather.

And my collection of anthuriums (as well as passion flowers) is growing fairly quickly.

Too bad my hibiscus and roses are not blooming now or I'll have 2 more pictures to add here!


  1. Aaron I love your selection of whites. Whites just pop in a garden. I was catching up and I liked your selection of 'Hots' too. Gorgeous roses.

  2. Aaron, your whites are all nice. I liked the white leaves best. As for lilies, you can try growing the Crinum lily which grows easily in tropical zones.

  3. Wrightia religiosa is a wonderful plant that has really wonderful scent and can be grown into a bonsai.

    I like your fittonia that has lots of white. Interesting! Becareful not to over water ;-)

    You have interesting plants!

  4. I think white flowers against the green foliage are a perfect combination. Moreover most white flowers have a nice fragrance, otherwise how else can they attract the bees and butterflies?

  5. @Becca

    Thanks. I love whites too!


    Thanks too!! Yes, I have spider and crinum lilies. I'm thinking about madonna/stargazer/easter lilies.


    Thanks for the names! I think I may have mistreated that poor fittonia. I just leave it there yet it grows...

  6. @Autumn Belle

    Yah, love white flowers (my dad finds them dull and ugly but I don't care what he says) that contrast with the leaves!

  7. Great collection of whites! I especially love those orchids and the rain lilies (I have those blooming right now too!) My all-time favorite white blooms would have to be Florida's native spider lilies (Hymenocallis latifolia) and Peruvian daffodils (Hymenocallis narcissiflora).

  8. @Floridagirl

    Thanks! I've checked and the peruvian daffofils are pretty. I grow Spider lilies and Crinum lilies too.

  9. White will add some cool element to the blooming extravaganza of a garden. ~bangchik

  10. So many beautiful white blooms ... white is a favourite colour of mine in the garden. Really liked that Fittonia ... that's a new one for me.