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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wet Feet

Maybe there's miracles in the water! My water lilies and lotus are usually slow to produce flowers. It's like maybe a flower every 3 day (or 1 day if I'm lucky). Somehow, they are producing lots of flowers now. I'll blame it on the weather again.

My aquatic 'pond', complete with lotus, water lilies, fish, snails, algae and water weeds.

Some water lilies

A purple water lily

A pale light pink water lily

A pink water lily, hanging out of the container.

Still lots of buds.

And who can forget the large beautiful blooms of lotus?

And let's welcome the newest member of the family.

Poor Passion Flower, it's blushing! I love this scarlet species.


  1. Aaron, this is so beautiful! Wow! You've got a great aquatic garden... so much in such a small space.
    And I love that scarlet passionflower!What colour are the fruits? I have a white one blooming for me now.

  2. What a nice water garden! Definitely magic in the water. Love those lilies and that lotus is stunning! As is the red passion flower.

  3. What a beautiful pond! I liked the scarlet passionflower.

  4. Wow you found what you wanted! Where did you get it?

    Now your aquatics must be in full bloom. The lotus flower is definitely going to be a beauty.

    Btw. I saw a house with Gloriosa superba vine the other day. Pretty as well.

  5. @Sunita

    Thanks! The scarlet passiflora unfortunately doesn't fruit.


    Thanks a lot!


    Thanks. Passiflora is always magical to me.


    The passiflora was found in Johor Bahru in a nursery (Katsura I think?).

    Love gloriosa but I still can't find them!

  6. Aaron I have had to take a couple of looks at your water garden - it is so beautiful - how deep is it - it looks quite shallow but you sure have made such a beautiful feature in the garden.

  7. Thanks. It is quite shallow. Not sure how deep though.

  8. Wow ... you do have some beautiful water lilies. Your pond is such a wonderful addition to your garden ... well done. Love your Passiflora too ... what a fantastic colour.

  9. Beautiful! I love lotuses. They are so elegant. :)

  10. Thanks! Yah, love lotus blooms too.

  11. Its wonderful to see the whole collection of water plants in bloom.

  12. Beautiful Aaron. I love those water lilies. And the lotus bloom is stunning. What kind of container is your water garden. That looks like a birdbath. Interesting. I could do that.

  13. @Becca

    Thanks. The container is ceramic from a nursery in Johor Bahru.

  14. aloha,

    wow, thats alot of lillies are they all in that little container?

  15. That's a lovely combination of lotus and lilies on your compact water garden. They are so alive and happily blooming. Congratulations!

  16. @noel

    Yah, they are all in the same container.

  17. I love the Lotus, Water Lily, and Passion Flower, very beautiful! I didn't even know ponds can be made so small, I'd like to try and make one someday since I love water features like this in the garden. I have always wanted a Koi pond but a bird bath pond is creative! How did you put it together? You're in my blogroll, looking forward to reading your posts :)