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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mighty Minds Quiz

I can't believe I won it! The Star and RHB Bank had organised a quiz testing your English, Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge. My friends, Arjun, Haziq Sa'adon and I went to Danga City Mall in Johor Bahru for the competition. I guess we were lucky to win since most of our competitors were experienced.

The oral challenge was the hardest (not used to speaking in front of a large audience)

Now, what plants to buy with the cash prize?

The online article here:


  1. Great job! But I already knew you were a smartie! I can't wait to see what plants you buy with the winnings!

  2. Thanks Grower Jim! I think 'm going to buy more roses (reddish-black ones)!


    You were great and you have won because you are intelligent, smart and you have done your home work well. Well done!

    This is what I call 'Hua Kai Fu Kwei'. When flower blooms, good fortune comes, yay!

  4. Way to go, Aaron! That is quite the accomplishment. Can't wait to see your new plants!

  5. Thanks everyone for your support!

  6. Congratulations. Half the battle is won when one is able to stand in front of the crowd and be the central focus. ~bangchik

  7. Congratulations Aaron. That would make me very nervous too. You won! Can't wait to see what you do with your winnings. Becca

  8. Thanks again everyone! Yah, the oral part was hard!

  9. Congrats!! You can buy lotsss of plantsss now!

    Keep up the good job :-D

    Have a restful weekend.

  10. Aaron,

    I'm new to your blog! Anyway CONGRATULATION on your winning!

  11. Welcome to my blog then! Thanks!

  12. hey
    can u give me tips about wat they will ask about in mighty minds first round?
    im Cheah,from penang
    first time my school enter this contest
    we have no point

    if can,add my facebook
    or email me
    same addresses
    thx ya

  13. Wow, to be quoted in the newspaper ~ aren't you proud of it! Bet your parents are too, Aaron.