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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Hot, the Loud and the Proud #3

Another dose of hot, loud and proud madness!  No separating into either hot, loud or proud since these are a mixture of all those fantastic features.

Nothing says hot like this passion flower. Vibrant scarlet and exotic shape, it sure attracts the attention of my family and friends. This is one flowering plant that my dad is proud of.

This balsam really appeals to me with that almost black leaves and bright orange.

Wonder what plant this is. The small but bright purple flower contrasting with the patterned dark green leaves really stands out from the palm trees they grow under.

Lovely red lipsticks. The bright red elongated flowers with the neat leaves makes my dad happy. He's planning to buy another one! What's this plant called?

Pumpkin blossoms! This is the first time I see them in full bloom since they wilt once I get back from school. The bright yellow and the cute and hairy leaves makes it a beautiful vine. Still waiting for pumpkins......yumm!

Reminds me of morning glory.

Cute dianthus is still adapting to the change from shade to sunny. Didn't know they grow so fast from cuttings!

Petunias are my dad's favourites. Currently mine is producing plenty of blooms every day!

This is one of my proudest achievements. It's N. viking/N. globosa, a Tropical Pitcher Plant and its also a seedgrow specimen. It can be hard to grow nepenthes from seeds since they are slow. Some species take months or even years to germinate, but this germinated in about a month.

One interesting fact is that while most nepenthes becomes more vibrant in full sun, this becomes redder when under shade.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post.


  1. Beautiful red flowers... the first photo carries with it, the mood of Tahun Baru Cina. ~bangchik

  2. I am surprised about dianthus also. Their cuttings can root really fast. Mine fluorished flower also. But the mother plant was badly hit by the rain. Most probably dead now.

    Your lipstick vine is beautiful. Btw, you place the plant in the open?

    Oh the orange impatiens are so attractive. I have one in vivid fushcia ;-)

    My kaempferia lost its marking after a while as my garden is too bright for the foliage. The pretty purple bloom only show up during cool weather/rainy days in my garden.

    And of course your scarlet passiflora is a beauty!

  3. @Stephanie

    Yah, dianthus is too fast! I just stick it in the ground and they bloom. Hope your mother plant survives.

    Thanks. The lipstick vine is under the shade of my nepenthes.

    Hope impatiens are easy. My dad is still skeptical and thinks the plant will die (He's such a Cameron Critic, all beautiful plants need cold weather to thrive. WRONG!)

    My kaempferia started growing and blooming profusely again after I sadistically slashed and chopped the overgrown fan palms.

    Thanks! My purple one is producing buds again!

  4. Beautiful photos, Aaron! The lipstick plant is something that we find in Canada - but only as a house plant! It is difficult to get it to re-bloom here - the challenges we relish while we're snowbound all winter! The nepenthes is gorgeous - we don't see much of that in Canada! Thanks!

  5. Aaron those a wonderful blooms and so pleased that your dad has some favourites aswell. I especially like your red passion flower - that one would make a great subject for me to photograph.

    I've still got dianthus in flower here - and yes they are great for taking cuttings though I don't do it often.

    Impatiens/Busy Lizzies as we call them here should be ok - they don't like it too cold as their leaves will go a bit brown but they sure love water. Keep feeding them with potash type feed and they should thrive for you.

    We have the lipstick plant here as a houseplant - yours looks wonderful and quite a size. The name we give it is Aeschynanthusand I'm sure there are plenty of varieties in your country to choose from.

    Your insect plants never cease to amaze me.

    Have a lovely week ahead :) Rosie

  6. @Aagaard Farms

    Thanks! Lipstick plants are quite common and very easy to bloom here.


    Thanks! Passifloras are so exotic!

    Thanks for the advice for the impatiens.

    I've only seen this variety of lipstick plant in nurseries though.

    Thanks, nepenthes sure are amazing!

  7. Aaron, you have shown such beautiful flowers in this post. The red passion flower is a stunner. The Resurrection lily, Kaemferia galanga goes to sleep in winter in my garden. I like your lipstick plant with the beautiful flowers.

  8. Wow! Your pitcher plants are amazing! What a fun thing to grow! We call the kaempferia peacock ginger here, because of the patterned leaves. I have some growing under my date palms and birds.

  9. aloha aaron,

    loved your displays including your nepenthes...they must do very well in your area, from seed, thats pretty amazing!

  10. Love the passion flower! Truly hot colors in your garden.

  11. Im amazed at your ability to grow pitcher plants using seeds. You are a dedicated gardener. I have no luck with all the garden plants you grow in your garden.
    My petunia and dianthus once lived in my garden but they died for no apparent reason.

  12. @lotusleaf

    Thanks! My kaemferia is never asleep!


    Thanks too!! Yah, nepenthes are fun!


    Thanks a lot.

    @Tufa Girl

    That scarlet passiflora really steals everyone's attention.

    @James Missier

    Thanks! Nepenthes are easy once you know the basics. I heard that petunia and some dianthus are annuals.

  13. Yes Aaron i love your Nepenthes. I hope you would post together all your collection. I like them too but my lack of time and constant travelling prevents me from having them. At least the orchids are more difficult to kill than the pitchers.

  14. Thanks Andrea! Will post all my nepenthes someday. Nepenthes is easier than orchids to me.

  15. I love all your flowers esp that red passion flower n of cos my favourite petunias!

  16. Your flowers are amazing, beautiful blooms!

  17. @p3chandan

    Thanks! The passiflora is sure popular!


    Thanks too!

  18. Awesome, you have pumpkin growing in your garden!!

  19. Thanks J.C! Pumpkins are not weird but still cute!

  20. Pretty Nepenthes growing in your garden! I wonder if the giant Nepenthes can be grown in garden too.. just wonder. I've seen very remarkable Nepenthes along the trail of Mt. Kinabalu once, it's redder, like yours. I guess, it's probably the same type that grows well in cooler environment.

  21. @Rough.Rosa

    Thanks. The nepenthes you spotted is most probably N. rajah. I grew that too until it died when I repotted it.(so sensitive) I have a few highland species too and they grow well, but with smaller pitchers and slower growth. Some lowland ones produce pitchers that rival highland ones.