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Monday, July 19, 2010

Curling and Twining

Climbers are among my favourite plants, mainly because most of them have gorgeous flowers and grow fast. Mandevilla, Passiflora, Nepenthes, and Bleeding Heart Vine are among the climbers I have.

What are your favourite climbers??

Here is my front fence, being used for the plants to climb.

Scarlet passiflora is being a very vigorous grower.

Many buds still developing on the many vines of the scarlet passiflora.

A regular Mandevilla. The double-flower variety is still developing buds.

No flowers yet, but I can see buds developing on this purple passiflora. The leaves are neat too!

This Mandevilla was a lucky find. Haven't found any other nurseries with this variety.

My largest passiflora, not flowering or fruiting yet.

Some climber from my neighbour's garden. What is it?

The tiny yellow flowers.

Another climber from my neighbour. Cute pink flowers but what species is this?


  1. Aaron, no wonder you like these climbers. They all look so pretty. The yellow flowers are of Galphimia glauca, also known as Slender Goldshower, Rain of Gold, Spray of Gold or Thriallis.
    The pink one looks like Podranea ricasoliana also known as Pink Trumpet vine or Port John's creeper.

  2. Thanks! Yah, climbers with lovely flowers

  3. Nice climbers! I really like your scarlet passionflower. It makes a nice blog header too. Personally I have a vine phobia, though I do grow Gloriosa lily, since it is well behaved. I have Virginia creeper, pothos, and corkystem passionflower growing wild in my garden; they are difficult to control. I also grow Glaphimia glauca (thryallis), though it grows in shrub form in my garden. Very tough in my climate.

  4. Thanks. Still looking for a gloriosa lily, since I love the flowers. Well, I'm more scared of pests (aphids, spider mites) than hard-to-contol plant.

  5. Aaron, beautiful climbers. What a great way to decorate! I have a deeper red passion vine than yours, and your bloom looks larger than mine. I also have the mandavilla...very pretty!

  6. Beautiful Mandevilia. I haven't found one in any of the nurseries here.

  7. Hi Aaron, those plants really have beautiful flowers no doubt about that. I am just apprehensive about your trellis for your passiflora. It grows so big that it sometimes can cover a whole tree, so it might not be the proper place for it, or else it will cover all your other vines. It is better if we know about the habits and characteristics of the plant before planting them, or else we might have problems later on. When it is growing profusely already you will pity pruning them, hehe.

  8. That's a wonderful arrangment. I like the natural sturdy trellis. Your garden fence is going to look really colourful later. Check on them daily to train their vines and keep the pot well watered. Good luck!

  9. I've gotta say that the passionflowers are my favorites, especially if they produce fruit! Yum.

  10. @Kimberly

    Thanks!! Love every passiflora


    You'll find it one day!


    Thanks. No worries. I'm sadistic. I'll chop the whole plant to pieces if it takes over the other vines.


    Thanks! Yah, I check them everyday!

    @Rainforest Gardener

    Thanks. Love passionfruits as well!

  11. Aaron those are beautiful climbers you have. I so love that mandevilla. You have such a beautiful place.

  12. i love the trellis work, it makes a nice complement to your beautiful climbers esp the big flowers

  13. You are no ordinary teenager. I bet you've heard this many times before. Keep up the good work. We thank you for greening and nourishing our earth.

  14. @Becca

    Thanks! But I still like temperate plants better.


    Thanks too. Can't wait to see the plants all grown up.

    @Tanamera Kayu Ara Spa


  15. I like few of my fav. trailing plants.
    These are my favs:
    1) Bleeding Heart Vine
    2) Betel leaf plant
    3) Bittergourd plant
    4) Cucumber plant
    5) Devil's Ivy (Money plant)
    6) Rangoon Creeper Vine
    7) Morning Glory

    I wish I could have more trailing vine in my garden but currently becoz of lack of space - I just maintain what I have in my garden.

  16. @James Missier

    Nice list. I still love passion flowers the most. Hope you find space for trailing plants.

  17. Your healthy scarlett passion flower is the subject of my envy. I have one which is still hibernating after a few months but I'm not giving up on it yet. I used to be scared of growing vines for scared of damaging my walls and fences but after realising that many gorgeous flowers are from vines, I am vining and twining again. I started with bougainvillea and angel wing jasmine.

  18. Thanks Autumn Belle!

    Hope your scarlet passiflora recovers. Yah, many vines have gorgeous flowers.

  19. Looking good! The scarlet passion flower is very hard to find up here in Canada - it's dynamic! Gorgeous photso - good work!

  20. @Aagaard Farms

    Thanks! The scarlet passiflora is very very very rare in my state too. (Seems common in other states though)

  21. Hi Aaron,
    If I'am not mistaken the yellow flower vine is Tristellateia australasiae. I have several such vines in my garden, the oldest of which is two decades old. Please check this out and also refer to my post: