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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cosmos sulphureus

Thanks to Autumn Belle for the name of this plant.

At first I thought it was a zinnia, then I thought it was a marigold, but in the end it was a cosmos!

It took about 3 months to mature and flower.

A spider? on the flower

And thanks Stephanie for the hoya cutting. It has grown a new leaf.


  1. The spider is almost transparent! I think it is waiting to catch an insect which visits the cosmos.

  2. What a cheerful looking flower, Aaron! I have it in a darker orange colour. This yellow looks very refreshing compared to that.

  3. Now a yellow cosmos is new to me! We used to just seeing pink, white and cerise ones. It has lovely foliage too Aaron don't you think.

  4. Your cosmos flowers are lovely. Aren't they pretty and sweet? I hope you can collect some seeds to propagate from the spent flowers. Little seeds have sprouted from my zinnia and I'm now wondering if the colour of the flower is exactly the same fiery red. Your hoya looks like it is having heart shaped leaves. What a great combination for this post today.

  5. That's great Aaron! Good job on the hoya.And wow! I love your cosmos. The bright yellow is wonderful.

  6. What a lovely cosmos.
    Do you know that cosmos is also known as ulam raja. I wonder if this one is edible?

  7. @lotusleaf

    Yah, I often miss that spider. It had jumped from my hibiscus to the cosmos.


    Thanks. Yellow looks more cheerful!


    I will try to get more cosmos varieties for a show of colours.

    @Autumn Belle,

    Thanks! Hoping I can get more seeds to start a new generation. The hoya is hoya kerii, also known as Valentine Hoya because of the cute heart shaped leaves!


    Thanks for the hoya again. Bright yellow looks so sunny!

    @James Missier

    Yah, I know it is ulam raja. My maid told me this is called 'surian' in Indonesia and told me it was edible. But I can't eat such a pretty flower!

  8. That cosmos sulphureus is beautiful! I once grew cosmos in my old Atlanta garden, where it self-seeded every year, but have had no luck here in Florida.

  9. I'm new to your blog, found you through Blotanical. I'm impressed, beautiful garden! I love knowing young people are into gardening, it's wonderful! Beautiful photos. Please visit mine when you have a chance!

  10. Cosmos is somewhat related to our own local "ulam raja". But ulam raja assemble its petals in single layer. Beautiful cosmos with rich yellow blooms. ~bangchik

  11. @Floridagirl

    Thanks! Hope they self-seed here.


    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment.


    Yah, I know it. Maybe I can try to eat it but hmm.....