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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colourful Anthuriums

Other than Passion Flowers, Roses and Nepenthes, I'm also collecting anthuriums. Though rare species and hybrids are still hard to find, I'll buy them if I see them. Here are some of the colourful flamingo flowers.




Dark Pink


Dark Red

Light Pink

Double flowering, green and pink

Unique and rare (at least here) species of anthurium. Anyone seen this before?

And my crazy cactus, which is the tallest cactus in my house.

It is as tall as my younger brother.


  1. Beautiful collection ... my favourite is the white. The anthurium you asked about looks rather like Anthurium scherzerianum which has a curved red-orange flower spike and a red spathe.

  2. Gorgeous! Here on the Canadian Prairies we treat them as house plants. They're hard in the winter when our houses are all closed up and the dry heat of furnaces makes the environment very arid! I've never seen many of your colours and varieties! Thanks for sharing! My fav is the dark red.

  3. You have a nice collection , Aaron. I like the orange one the best.

  4. I just bought 2 varieties dark pink n white but their flowers shrank so small within weeks when placed in the sun too Aaron tell me something abt this

  5. Great collection! You seem to have every color that exists! I only have the red, but now I am wanting more....

  6. What a great collection of anthuriums.
    Wonder if you could share your experience in how you take care of them. I have one but they tend to become sickly.
    Keeping them in shade - they don't flower but putting them in sunny spot - they get burnt.
    Wonder what is ideal?

  7. @Bernie

    Thanks! I've checked the name you suggested and it seems to match. But until it's confirmed, I'll just leave it anonymous.

    @Aagaard Farms

    Thanks!! Maybe you can mist them during the winter to increase humidity (or buy a humidifier).


    Thanks too!


    I place them under shade. I think too much sunlight is harmful to them.


    Thanks! Still hunting for more rare varieties!

    @James Missier

    Thanks a lot. I put these anthuriums under the shade of my bottle brush trees. My suggestion will be putting them in half shade, not burning sunlight nor total darkness!

  8. My anthurium loves the shade also. Although I was told that mine is a double spathe anthurium, it has not given me any doubles yet. Those which just started to grow out two months back are just single spathe. I have been waiting anxiously...

    Yours are pretty. I love them!

  9. Anthuriums are one of my favorite Tropical plants! I can't grow them here in our climate. Your Anthuriums looks amazing! Someday when we move, I hope I'll be able to grow these. Any particular advice? Thanks :)

  10. Thanks! Anthuriums love water and humidity. They can't take full sun so some shade is good.

  11. You sue have a lot Aaron. Those are beautiful tropical plants. They are beautiful.

  12. Awesome snaps..thanks for sharing

  13. @Becca

    Thanks! Anthuriums sure are lovely!


    Thanks too!

  14. I have the dark pink and bright red ones. I notice that anthuriums like the shade, eg. in the porch or verandah and their roots like to stay above the soil, just like the pandan roots. They like humid but cooler areas eg. near other foliage plants or a water feature. If you spray some blooming fertilizers at their roots, there will be more flowers in brighter colours. I like the anthurium in the last picture. It is very special.