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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Hot, the Loud and the Proud #3

Another dose of hot, loud and proud madness!  No separating into either hot, loud or proud since these are a mixture of all those fantastic features.

Nothing says hot like this passion flower. Vibrant scarlet and exotic shape, it sure attracts the attention of my family and friends. This is one flowering plant that my dad is proud of.

This balsam really appeals to me with that almost black leaves and bright orange.

Wonder what plant this is. The small but bright purple flower contrasting with the patterned dark green leaves really stands out from the palm trees they grow under.

Lovely red lipsticks. The bright red elongated flowers with the neat leaves makes my dad happy. He's planning to buy another one! What's this plant called?

Pumpkin blossoms! This is the first time I see them in full bloom since they wilt once I get back from school. The bright yellow and the cute and hairy leaves makes it a beautiful vine. Still waiting for pumpkins......yumm!

Reminds me of morning glory.

Cute dianthus is still adapting to the change from shade to sunny. Didn't know they grow so fast from cuttings!

Petunias are my dad's favourites. Currently mine is producing plenty of blooms every day!

This is one of my proudest achievements. It's N. viking/N. globosa, a Tropical Pitcher Plant and its also a seedgrow specimen. It can be hard to grow nepenthes from seeds since they are slow. Some species take months or even years to germinate, but this germinated in about a month.

One interesting fact is that while most nepenthes becomes more vibrant in full sun, this becomes redder when under shade.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colourful Anthuriums

Other than Passion Flowers, Roses and Nepenthes, I'm also collecting anthuriums. Though rare species and hybrids are still hard to find, I'll buy them if I see them. Here are some of the colourful flamingo flowers.




Dark Pink


Dark Red

Light Pink

Double flowering, green and pink

Unique and rare (at least here) species of anthurium. Anyone seen this before?

And my crazy cactus, which is the tallest cactus in my house.

It is as tall as my younger brother.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Curling and Twining

Climbers are among my favourite plants, mainly because most of them have gorgeous flowers and grow fast. Mandevilla, Passiflora, Nepenthes, and Bleeding Heart Vine are among the climbers I have.

What are your favourite climbers??

Here is my front fence, being used for the plants to climb.

Scarlet passiflora is being a very vigorous grower.

Many buds still developing on the many vines of the scarlet passiflora.

A regular Mandevilla. The double-flower variety is still developing buds.

No flowers yet, but I can see buds developing on this purple passiflora. The leaves are neat too!

This Mandevilla was a lucky find. Haven't found any other nurseries with this variety.

My largest passiflora, not flowering or fruiting yet.

Some climber from my neighbour's garden. What is it?

The tiny yellow flowers.

Another climber from my neighbour. Cute pink flowers but what species is this?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cosmos sulphureus

Thanks to Autumn Belle for the name of this plant.

At first I thought it was a zinnia, then I thought it was a marigold, but in the end it was a cosmos!

It took about 3 months to mature and flower.

A spider? on the flower

And thanks Stephanie for the hoya cutting. It has grown a new leaf.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wet Feet

Maybe there's miracles in the water! My water lilies and lotus are usually slow to produce flowers. It's like maybe a flower every 3 day (or 1 day if I'm lucky). Somehow, they are producing lots of flowers now. I'll blame it on the weather again.

My aquatic 'pond', complete with lotus, water lilies, fish, snails, algae and water weeds.

Some water lilies

A purple water lily

A pale light pink water lily

A pink water lily, hanging out of the container.

Still lots of buds.

And who can forget the large beautiful blooms of lotus?

And let's welcome the newest member of the family.

Poor Passion Flower, it's blushing! I love this scarlet species.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


White often symbolise purity and innocence. Well, there are as many whites in my garden as my pinks.

What is your favourite white flower? I love lilies but unfortunately are unable to grow them here.

Here are some of those plants.

Not only do they look cute, but they smell nice too! Love these tiny jasmines.

The YTT plant aka Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The flowers are purple on the first fay, turns light purple the next day and finally white before falling off.

The drops of blood have fallen from the heart, so now the only thing left are pure white hearts on my Bleeding Heart Vine.

Dendrobiums are still flourishing and the flowers are so long lasting!

Wrightia religiosa, which it is grown as a bonsai and have a wonderful fragrance.

This fittonia was a gift from my friend who have transferred to Singapore. It's the closest thing to a pure white leaf in my house.

Chilli blossoms have a spicy scent, but they look so cute close up!

Recently, the rain lilies are sending lots of buds. Must be the weather.

And my collection of anthuriums (as well as passion flowers) is growing fairly quickly.

Too bad my hibiscus and roses are not blooming now or I'll have 2 more pictures to add here!