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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visit to Johor Bahru

Yesterday, I went to Johor Bahru. At first, we went to the nursery but due to severe weather, we went to the shopping mall first. After shopping and eating there, we went to the nursery. Yi Xiang Nursery actually belongs to a friend's aunt, so things are easier.

Here is the nursery, with lots of coleus, celosia, roses, daisies, gingers, dieffenbachias etc.

A row of gingers (tumeric/curcuma)

Pedilanthus (Bird Plants)

My dad and friend's uncle with some foliage plants

Dieffenbachia and other foliage

Coleus and celosia all over

Rows of roses

Some plants I got from the nursery


Heliconia rostrata

Yellow rose

Rose with pink lower petals and white upper petals.

Plenty of Pedilanthus for Chinese New Year. (Buy earlier so they look nicer when CNY comes)

Turmeric (Curcuma)

Blood Lily, also known as Football Lily, still waiting to be planted.


  1. Looks like a fruitful visit this time. The plants in the nursery seems healthy and green. Like your selection. Good buys indeed!

  2. That is a real nice nursery. Everything looks so neat and orderly. You bought some nice looking plants. Love the first one - gloxinia. Have a good day.

  3. Thanks Becca! The gloxinias are my dads favourite!

  4. wow Aaron that was brillant to see and you brought back so many lovely flowering plants aswell. I'm surprised that your dad has some favourite blooms as I thought he just liked foliage plants...... but even some of them flower too. Gloxina are a favourite of mine too - those look like good substantial plants.

  5. They grow plants like an estate row after row.... ~bangchik

  6. @leavesnbloom

    Thanks! My dad actually loves some flowering plants (gloxinia, daisy, celosia, petunia) but because they keep on dying, he hates them! But with some advice on how to grow by my friend's uncle, my dad decides to try gloxinia again!


    Yah, they have a very very large nursery since they are suppliers.

  7. Wow! So many nice plants and well stocked.

    The white flower turmeric caught my attention. Oh,your little bird plants... so many? They will certainly make your house spectacular!

  8. Yah, my mom love the tumeric too! Yah, many many birds for CNY!

  9. can you tell me where is this Yi Xiang nursery located in jb?

  10. wow , I should go there too ><