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Friday, June 18, 2010

Floral Mania

I've just bought lots and lots of flowering plants again, from 3 different nurseries in Johor. Some of them are common but some are unique too! At least I've found variegated species of flowers which appease both me and my dad!

African Football Lily, also known as Blood Lily. People here call it Bunga Api, which means Fire flower. The flowers do look like fireballs!

A variegated Spider lily

An anthurium with maroon inflorescence and stems.

Large pink rose


Variegated Bleeding Heart Vine

And finally, Mosquito Plant. It has fragrant leaves which is said to drive of mosquitoes.


  1. Down with football fever? Nice flower!

    I had mosquito plant before. The plant died on me... I don't know why. I think I didn't give enought TLC.

    I like both the variegated leaf plants. They are really attractive!

    Happy gardening!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Nope, not interested in football.

  3. You did get some lovely plants ... I really like that variegated Spider Lily. I've never been a big fan of that plant, but the variegated one looks terrific.

    The variegated Bleeding Heart Vine will make a great looking plant as it spreads ... nice buy!

    We use the mosquito plant here to ward off those horrible creatures ... and they work well!

    Thanks again for dropping by my blog ... I'm glad you enjoy visiting my garden down here in Oz. I do hope all your new plants grow very well.

  4. I know none of these plants Aaron - I must say that its the Bleeding heart one that really catches my attention - I think your dad would be pleased with this purchase aswell. :) Rosie and thankyou so much for always coming around to visit my blog.

  5. Aaron, your blooms are great choices! Your first two are on my wish list...the blood lily and the spider lily. Quite lovely!

  6. Wow..
    I really never knew there was a varigated bleeding hearts. Truly its very beautiful.
    Glad you manage to get plants that pleases your father.

  7. @leavesnbloom

    Thanks! My dad is beginning to love flowering plants! Yes!!


    Thanks too! All lilies are my favourite.

    @James Missier

    Yah, the variegated bleeding heart is a very rare find here. Some nurseries don't even have the normal bleeding heart!

  8. Nice plants... interestingly some has flowers bigger than the plant itself. Magical...

  9. Thanks. Yah, love big flowers!

  10. A good choice of plants you have purchased. Good to know that your dad is finally opening up to flowering plants. I used to buy these mosquitoe plants too. It has a special fragrance but it never did the job of repeling the mossies for me. I like the clerodendrum most of all. The leaves are very pretty. It is a climber, so it'll need something to lean on. When it grows bigger, you shall see that the flowers looks like coiled little dragons from a distance.

  11. Thanks Autumn Belle! My dad love the mosquito plant's smell a lot!

    I know its a climber (most plants I adore are climbers eg. Nepenthes, Passiflora, Gloriosa, Mandevilla) I have plenty of wood from a nearby construction site so no problem with that!

  12. African Football Lily ~ ha ha....I assume this name is coined to cash on the current FIFA World Cup? It's a cute name! So does the flower. Very fluffy!