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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day In Kuala Lumpur

Last Wednesday ( 9 June 2010 ) I went to Kuala Lumpur to buy some plants. There, I met Stephanie Choo, from Steph's Green Spaces and My Green Finder. She gave me a Hoya Kerii cutting. She's so generous! I must return something too!

Then my mother and friends went shopping in the 1 Utama Mall, but the Secret Garden often featured in Autumn Belle's Blog My Nice Garden was closed ; It is open on weekends only. Still, thanks to Dr. Francis Ng from Tropical Gardening for creating such a marvelous garden! I wish to visit it one day.

Then while my mother is busy shopping, my dad and I went to Sungai Buloh to find some plants. There, I found Hee Nursery.

It's quite big and has planty of lovely plants!


The auntie was very friendly and showed me some of the rarer plants.

I bought the plant I was searching for so long, a purple passion flower!


I bought some Tulip Gentians too!


And a Double-Flowering Mandevilla Vine

My dad bought 2 gloxinias and a calathea too. I wanted to buy more plants, including a black adenium, but due to lack of space I decided to leave it until next time.

It was a fun trip, and I stayed in Genting Highlands for the night. However, I think I got indigestion since I threw up at night. My dizziness and nausea was bad, but the plants make up for it!

I wish to visit Sungai Buloh again. I'm want to buy Heliconias, Bird of Paradise, Torch Ginger, and more rare plants!


  1. very nice. I love passion flowers too. I spent a week in KL last year and absolutely loved it, what a cool city, and such friendly people.

  2. I don't think I've seen a double-flowering Mandevilla in the garden centers around here. You picked out some beautiful things! :)

  3. @Stone Art

    Thanks. Yah, the people are friendly there!


    Thanks! It's hard to find even a regular Mandevilla here in Johor, Malaysia but in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they are extremely easy to find. There were red, pink and white ones as well as single and double flowering varieties. I'm so happy my dad bought it since he usually hates flowers.

  4. Wow, I see that there are more flowering plants in your garden now. You and your parents have bought some lovely flowers. At Genting, did you see the beautiful wild orchids, Arundina Graminifolia and day lilies in many places?

    Thank you very much for the kind mention and link to my blog.

  5. Thanks Autumn Belle! Yah, I saw lots of bamboo orchid and day lilies at Genting!

  6. That purple passion flower is really outstanding. You made a good choice! And glad to see that you managed to get some wonderful and unique plants. Hope to see your extraordinary garden one day. Btw, thanks for dropping by (your dad so clever, can find my house and bring you Sg buloh!) You have a lovely family especially your mom! Oh, no need to return anything yeah. Happy gardening and creating your dream garden smart young man :-D

  7. Thanks a lot, Stephanie. You are really one of the most generous person I've met!

  8. Hi Aaron,

    It's nice to learn that your parents are being supportive of your gardening interest! Lucky you that you have met Stephanie. We are living here in Klang Valley, yet, none of us have met up. I bet you had a thrill time at Sg. Buloh. Whenever I visited it, I would spend hours enjoying seeing the plants there. It's like being in a paradise!

  9. I did not really have time to see those plants since it was raining. I've gotta visit there again!

  10. I guess so coz it was raining heavily later here as well.

  11. Those are absolutely lovely, reminds me of my stay at one of those old colonial hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The building was white limestone and surrounded by a riot of brilliant flowering plants.